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Synchronized Twerking? Yes.

maxresdefaultThere wasn’t much hope for the “art” of twerking after Miley put the noose around its neck at the 2013 VMA’s.  But the Fraules dance studio has put together an amazing video featuring a synchronized twerking routine that just might breathe some different air into the dance.  Check the method below.

The Academy Of Villains.


It’s not always likely that you’ll run into someone from a TV show on the street.  But when you’re environment is often populated by talented individuals, you might just run into someone unexpected.  The other day at work, I unknowingly met a member of the dance squad ‘Academy Of Villains’, who had recently blow away the judges on ‘America’s Got Talent’.  After watching another video of theirs for Disney’s ‘The Haunted Mansion’ I was fascinated by their skill and talent.  Check the method below.

Bono To Become A Facebook Billionaire.

U2 rocker Bono is about to make $1 billion, thanks to his 2009 investment in Facebook.  Bono’s investment company Elevation Partners bought $210 million worth of shares in the social networking site almost two years ago.  This week, the site has been valued at $65 billion, meaning that Bono and his company’s share of the business is now valued at a whopping $975 million.  U2 are already one of the world’s highest-earning groups, pulling in more than $736 million on their recent 360 Tour.  To put his possible wealth into perspective – currently Sir Paul McCartney, is the richest rock star in the world with a wealth estimated at $600 to $750 million.