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Marc Fichou

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Marc Fichou is folding sharks, birds, foxes and all kinds of other animals out of a colored, squared paper. His intention is to create a piece where the image cannot be separated from its referent. This naturally led him towards origami because of the reversible character of its folding process: each can be unfolded back to its initial two-dimensional square, and in so doing retain the physical marks of its creases. The final piece is an unfolded photograph, where folds in the picture blend with the real folds, thus blurring the line between image and matter.

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Origami Inspired Pillows

These cool pillow were designed by texitile designer Mika Barr with a special kind of fabric that is inspired by origami folding paper. The new ‘Geo’ pillows are super-comfy, increases the unexpected level of textile elements at home and are used both as a contemporary sofa pillows and as stand alone elements.

Folded Page Book Art.

Isaac G. Salazar is the artist behind these incredible book “sculptures”. He’s been creating these intricate works of art since October 2009. His books first started out simple and have recently become more complex in design.  Check the method.

Mind Bending With A 1 Dollar Bill.

I know so many people with their own conspiracy theories, and wild thoughts on the U.S. government and their theorized “underhanded” tactics.  If that wasn’t enough, I’ve got a handful of friends who are all over the Illuminati the Knights Templar, and Free Masons.  So I’ve been familiar with all too many tricks with revealing messages with folding a dollar bill in a certain way.  But when I saw a series of photos using the same trick to produce some wild images, I was impressed.  It just goes to show, with some creativity and folding, the George Washington emblazoned bill can produce some rather entertaining and thought provoking messages.

The Jack Chair.

French product designer Arthur Bodolec has created ‘jack’, a stool that can be brought to ‘life’ through a simple touch. imagining a world where objects can be woken up, given life and take form to express themselves, ‘jack’ is the first in a series of designs that transforms from an inert stool to a full functioning chair.