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Katarina Janeckova. A Bodybuilder, Bears, and Beautiful Paintings.

The paintings of Slovakian artist Katarina Janeckova are soused in sex. Three lovers romp around in bed; a brunette poses for naked photos in a swimming pool; a woman spanks her partner with a hairbrush. But there is one thing lacking from her provocative tableaus—men. Instead, the women couple up with brown or black bears, rendered in woozy watercolor or acrylic brushstrokes. “For me, the bear is a perfect substitute for a man,” Janeckova explains. “I paint those bears as simple, strange dark figures, because it allows you to fantasize.” It also allows the women to become the central figures in her works, and for Janeckova to present them as strong and sexually empowered. “It’s a stereotype that pretty women are usually submissive, so I like to play around that,” Katarina says. “Sometimes it’s less visible and more in my head, sometimes it’s obvious or exaggerated.” It’s most apparent in some of her recent works, which portray the massive muscles of female bodybuilders. Katarina honors their forms by depicting them on the side of a Grecian urn, or even turning a container of Muscle Milk into a flower vase. “My ideal of female beauty changed,” Katarina discusses in the following interview, along with sex, symbols and her current exhibition, How to Make a Bear Fall in Love, which is currently on view at Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento, Italy.

Larklife Smart Wristband


The average human being spends somewhere around 200,000 hours of their life asleep, which seems like a lot of important time wasted dreaming of the Swedish Bikini Team. But, like your doctor, your mother and every health teacher you’ve ever had has droned at you again and again, sleep is important to a healthy life. Seven to eight hours REM cycles.


Founded on this iron principle, Larklife connects your sleep patterns, diet and exercise plans in one smart wristband and iOS app. It’s a lot like the Nike+ Fuel Band, but with an added emphasis on snooze time. The idea is to sync your time spent unconscious with your daily activities and habits, from the best times to eat and work out to when you should take a productivity break, or even go to bed. Among other things (and it does quite a bit), the Larklife features a silent, vibrating alarm clock, sleep quality tracker, calorie counter, hydration tracker and even fitness coaching tips.


OK, so it kinda sounds like a high-tech way of reproducing a naggy girlfriend who bugs you all day about the crap you could be doing better — but some of us need those annoying reminders at this stage in our lives. And with a pleasant and intuitive interface, it may be an improvement over whoever’s currently running your life.


The Nike Fuel Bracelet.

The way to fitness has never been this fun. Featuring a system that rewards units called “NikeFuel,” based on calories burned and steps taken, the Nike+ FuelBand has a built-in accelerometer for sensing movements. Daily activities can be tracked by syncing in the bracelet through USB or bluetooth to the Nike+ website.  Learn more at Nike. Priced at $150.