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Avengers Infinity War: Day One Documentary.


To the closer followers of Marvel, and the mechanics behind their super hero films, Christmas came early last night when Marvel released a short “documentary” about Avengers Infinity War.  The video is quite informative, and gives the laymen some news they will be excited about, and the comic book connoisseur some things to be excited about.  (Why doesn’t Thor have his Hammer, and are Tony’s new suits automated, or is building them for himself.)  Regardless of how deep movie goers get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the video below provides a very interesting look into the 3rd Avengers installment.


Our First Good Look At The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Avengers-costumes Age-of-Ultron-BTS Captain-America-Thor Age-of-Ultron-Twins


Entertainment Weekly is well known for grabbing some of the most exclusive movie news long before any other source has access to it, and this week, they delivered another gem.  The Avengers: Age of Ultron, caught their cover, and they were able to give us the public a little look into one of next summer’s most anticipated blockbusters.


Warning, SPOILERS (and such).

Fresh off the heels of their cover reveal, Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first official photos from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, including some behind-the-scenes shots. Keep your eyes peeled while looking through them and you’ll notice Don Cheadle makes an appearance. Check them all out below.

Following this morning’s new images from Joss Whedon’s much-anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron, EW has revealed quite a few details about the plot of the May 1, 2015 release, particularly related to James Spader’s robotic antagonist!

“A lot of times when Ultron starts talking, it’s beautiful,” explains Chris Evans. “It’s really intelligent stuff. He’s out to do the things he wants to do because he’s disgusted with X, Y, and Z. You could probably sit down with Ultron and have a really intelligent conversation. He could blow your mind with his views.”

An unusual foe, Ultron actually wants to bring about world peace. He simply wants to eliminate those most responsible for disrupting it: the human race.

“I know you’re ‘good’ people,” the magazine reveals as part of Ultron’s dialogue to the Avengers, “I know you mean well… but you just didn’t think it through… There is only one path to peace… your extermination.”

The magazine confirms that Ultron’s character begins as one of Tony Stark’s “Iron Legion,” a team of Iron Man-type robots that Stark is using to continue his crime-fighting in his absence. The character also serves as a metaphorical surrogate son to Tony and has elements of his personality.

“It’s not the good version that could’ve come from [Stark’s] intellect and personality,” says Chris Hemsworth. “It’s the bad son.”


Stark-Tower-1 Hawkeye Black-Widow Banner-Stark

Brand New Trailers For Superman & Star Trek Arrive.


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Two of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer just got brand new trailers (on the same day).  With shots of Kirk apologizing to his entire crew for pretty much getting them on the endangered species list, some interesting new views of Krypton, Pike giving Kirk some fatherly advice, and Kal El beating the crap out of Zod, both trailers are a must watch.  Check them out.


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Andre 3000 Is The New Jimi Hendrix. (Seriously).

“Considering how long this has been in development, and the number of similar projects that have fallen by the wayside including a mooted Paul Greengrass directed biopic, and a fictional road trip style movie, we figured the Andre 3000 starring Jimi Hendrix movie was not going to happen. Hell, even as far back as 2008 the actor/rapper himself said, “The funny thing with the biopics [is their uncertainty], I mean, it’s the same thing with ‘Hendrix.’ It’s kinda like, until you are on set doing it you can’t say what’s going on, because everybody wants to do the movie, but there are so many things that go into a biopic.” Well, it looks like the movie is actually going ahead.

Titled “All Is By My Side,” the film is gearing up start lensing in three weeks in Ireland, with a six week production schedule mapped out. John Ridley, the writer behind “Three Kings,” “U-Turn” and the forthcoming “Twelve Years A Slave” has penned the script and will be directing as well, making his sophomore feature effort following 1997′s “Cold Around The Heart.” The film will essentially cover Hendrix’s breakthrough period from 1966 to 1967, when he was discovered in a New York club by Linda Keith, a model and girlfriend of Keith Richards at the time, who introduced him to The Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham and producer Seymour Stein (who both declined to work with him), and eventually to manager/producer Chas Chandler who helped launch his career. He went to London, recorded Are You Experienced? and the rest, as they say, is history.

No word yet on the rest of the cast, but last summer, Hayley Atwell revealed she was eyeing a role but nothing has been heard since. The big question here is if the film will have rights to the songs, licensing of which tends to be expensive and difficult to come by. But we presume if cameras are set to be rolling, some kind of approval on the film has come down from the musicians’s estate, Experience Hendrix. Either way, we’re curious as hell to see how all this winds up turning out. Are You Experienced? is a fairly defining moment in rock ‘n roll history, and Hendrix is one of the titans, so let’s hope it gets the treatment it deserves.”

Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga – The Motto (Official Video).

‘The Motto’ has been knocking around radio stations (especially on the west) for quite some time now.  And with Drizzy, Wayne, and Tyga being in the Bay to film the video, the town was a twit with talk about when the video would drop.  I got a hit on Twitter earlier today about the video now having any “Bay b*tches” in the melee, and I’ve been on the hunt for the video since then.  The first time I was it, I was quite impressed with the fact that the entire video was filmed here instead of multiple locations, and I knew where damn near every single shot was taken.  (Shout outs to Tyga’s verse that was shot in my favorite club.)  All in all, the video is quite “Drake-esque” with very simple shots and not too much of a direction, but never the less, it delivers.  Check the method below.