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Follow Fetty Wap Through His Home Turf.


Tag along with Fetty Wap and his deep, loyal Zoo Gang family to learn about the Paterson, New Jersey star’s rise to fame and the role his crew has played in his success.

SPLASH Dubai 2013 Calendar


Oversized faceted paper heart, created for Lucia Giacani’s shot of Room 2013 and commissioned by fashion label Splash Dubai. We also created a brain, lungs and eye as part of the shoot, all in textured and reflective papers.

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Your Eyes Are Beautiful.

One of the oldest tricks in the book was staring deep into a girl’s eyes, and telling her that her eyes were “breathtaking”, “miraculous”, “mesmerizing” or whatever other equally corny synonym one could think up.  But photographer Suren Manvelyan took this to an entirely new level.  I know quite a few people with impressive looking eyes, but to be totally honest, some of these may make you a bit queezy.  When it comes to disturbingly impressive macro photography of eyes Manvelyan is a patient fellow, but away from the lens he’s also a busy fellow. He teaches physics, mathematics & astronomy in Yerevan Waldorf School & in 2002 he was given the The President Award of The Republic of Armenia For Investigations In The Field of Quantum Technologies. But then, who hasn’t ?