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Lomography – La Sardina Metal Western Edition

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“Belle Starr” and “Coyote” were the names chosen for this oxidized metal Western edition of La Sardina. These 35mm cameras are equipped with a wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities and a rewind dial. The vintage design of the camera reminds us to the fish tin cans. La Sardina metallic edition is packed in on a wooden box simulating the Fish Market wooden crates. It stores the contents in two different layers. The first layer includes the camera with flash (plus colors filters); the second layer stores the book, poster & manual and add-on product, depending on the edition. For this edition, we included a set of postcards inspired on the Western theme and a linen photo accordion booklet. All the items were packed in on a laser burn wooden box, same as La Sardina Caviar Edition.” Montserrat Llaurado worked on the creative direction, concept development and product design management of the edition; including packaging, product add-ons, book design and worldwide marketing collateral material for the launch campaigns throughout the online, retail and wholesale channels.

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Hiroshi Fujiwara iPhone 5 Cases

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The Hiroshi Fujiwara iPhone 5 Cases is  color and textural effects but its a collection of plenty of versatile hard shelled iPhone cases featuring high quality exposure and textural designs on long lasting smooth surface.

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Incredible Photos By Theo Gosselin.

The lighting, colors, composition, exposure, everything is amazing in Theo‘s photographs. This nineteen year old guy from France can easily become your favorite photographer. Just take a look at these great pictures.

The Manual Photography Cheat Sheet.

So many folks now a days are picking up their cameras with the hope of getting some amazing shots without knowing the basics of photography.  When my good friends at L.I.T.S.  (Living In The Stills) cooked up a little chart to help out the beginners, I figured I’d share it.  The Manual Photography Cheat Sheet will for sure help if you have the right camera.

If you already have the tools… You now posses the knowledge.  Go take the pictures.