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I Need A Spa Day.

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The ‘Spa Days’ Collection

An exclusive tongue-in-cheek editorial for Schön! Magazine exploring the beauty tricks and crazy tips for staying pretty. Don’t take them too seriously.  However the crew that put together the photos is quite serious, take a look at the cast below.
Photography / Aleksandra Kingo @ AWA
Art Direction / Gem Fletcher
Fashion / Natasha Freeman
Make-Up / Erin Kristensen using MAC
Hair / Delphine Bonnet
Model / Gigi Jeon @ Next
Nails / Kate Cutler
Casting director / Sarah Bunter
Food styling / Lucy-Ruth Hathaway
Set design / Amy Friend
Retouch / Glossmarc
Assistants / Lucia Svecova & Dmitry Yermolayev
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VISION CHINA by Elizaveta Porodina

 Check out this amazing series by the German photographer Elizaveta Porodina.
muse : Kate / MIA ARTISTICA style : Emma Pulbrook hair : Mustafa Yanaz make up : Heiko Palach set : Beatrice Schuell light : Josef Beyer art objects: Marion Wunderlich


Art director: LILI ALEEVA

Paper Monsters with Studio Peripetie for Kinki Magazine

Paper Monsters 
Photography/concept: Studio Peripetie
Collages: Lola Dupré
Model: Alphabeton
Masks: Madame Peripetie+Alphabeton
For Kinki magazine, H magazine, and exhibited at The Chalet as part of Streetland & Glasgow International Festival of Art 2010.
And here they come – these shamanistic hybrids – half-human half-sculpture
made out of the simplest and most conventional materials like paper, glue, cord
and tape. Merging into some sort of mythological creatures, that only have
been constructed for the very purpose of being captured by the camera in order
to get disassembled into the numerous disconnected elements again.
Being squeezed into physical two-dimensional picture in the printing process,
they are getting re-cut and transformed to a complete unique, yet undiscov-
ered species. Every new species is constructed manually by multiplication of
the same depiction that is being glued together to a brand new composition,
“evolutionizing” the old one.

Bubble Shooter

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Check out this swimwear editorial inspired in retro videogame Bubble Shooter that was photographed and CGI by Mikel Muruzabal. The beautiful model was Rocío La Fuente, while her make-up and styling was done by Cristina Garcés and Ara Rodríguez.

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Julia Kennedy

Julia-Kennedy-Charlotte-Olympia-Lingerie Julia-Kennedy-Charlotte-Olympia-moon Julia-Kennedy-Charlotte-Olympia Julia-Kennedy-Editorial-2 Julia-Kennedy-Editorial Julia-Kennedy-Fashion-Editorial-2 Julia-Kennedy-Fashion-Shoot-2

Julia Kennedy is a UK-based photographer with a great talent. Shooting editorial in the fashion industry she creates great pictures your eye want to stick to. Here’s a selection of what she’s been doing these last years in the fashion & lingerie industry.

Julia-Kennedy-Fashion-Shoot Julia-Kennedy-Fashion-Vintage Julia-Kennedy-Fashion Julia-Kennedy-Harrods Julia-Kennedy-Photoshoot Julia-Kennedy-Fashion-Editorial Julia-Kennedy-Fashion-shoot-3 Julia-Kennedy-Photoshoot-Lingerie Julia-Kennedy-Vintage

Carioca Cruising

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Carioca Cruising is the latest editorial photographed for the winter-spring issue of 10 Magazine. Brazilian beauty Aline Weber dons offbeat looks in Christian Anwander’s colorful images taken at a car wash. Stylist David Vandewal selects standout looks from the likes of Proenza Schouler, Celine, Friends & Associates and Acne. A bold eye by makeup artist Sil Bruinsma and wet tresses by hair stylist Andre Gunn complete the quirky ensembles.

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