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E-40 ft. T-Pain, B.O.B., & Kid Ink – Red Cup.


Its been a little while since E-40 has earned himself a big mainstream radio hit. In fact, the rapper hasn’t appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 since “U And Dat” hit the top 15 back 2006.  Now, it appears, 40 is reaching for another smash. Recruiting former “U And Dat” collaborator T-Pain as well as Kid Ink and B.o.B., the Bay Area legend seamlessly transitions his signature West Coast drawl into a song that wouldn’t sound out of place next to Ink’s own “Main Chick” at the top of the hip-hop charts. The instrumental comes courtesy of Kristo of Drop City Yacht Club fame.  “Red Cup” is the first single off of 40’s upcoming four-album-set Sharp On All 4 Corners (1, 2, 3 & 4). If released before the year is out, the rapper will have released 17 albums in 5 years, undoubtedly some kind of world record.  Take a listen to the newest track to take over the coming radio airwaves below.

E-40 Ft. T.I. And Chris Brown – Episode


E-40 rounds up T.I. and Chris Brown for the official video to their collaboration“Episode.” His new triple album The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 4, 5 & 6.

Xzibit’s Video Shoot for “Up Out The Way” ft. E40 (Behind The Scenes)


Go behind the scenes of Xzibit’s video shoot for ‘Up Out The Way‘ featuring E-40, the lead single from his new album Napalm.

Wiz Khalifa feat (E-40 And Too Short) – Say I


New music from E-40 & Too Short “Say I” Ft. Wiz Khalifa.. Off of E-40 and Too Short’s upcoming double album “History: Mob Music & Function Music”.

E-40 & Too Short “Dump Truck” Feat. Travis Porter

Of all the music videos filmed this year, I’m guessing these dudes had the most fun ‘conducting’.   Construction vehicles and big booty – it’s a man’s world.  E-40 and Too Short will have two albums out in November: “History: Mob Music” and “History: Function Music”.

E-40 ft. Problem, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, French Montana & Red Cafe – Function (Coast To Coast Remix)

The term “out of sight, out of mind” is something that people don’t understand the gravity of.  If there’s a war in some corner of a foreign country not as many people are aware of it as if it was on your TV screen or iPad screen every day.  Such is the way I feel about music in the Bay Area.  Coming from the Tri State area, anything that was big on the radio there, was big on the radio everywhere.  Moving out to the Bay was the first time I realized that alot of good music goes undiscovered, and I still to this day, 7 years later, haven’t figured out why.  Songs like ‘Up’ from Love Rance, and ‘Function’ from E40, Problem, & IAMSU, are tracks that have the same vibe as Drake’s ‘The Motto’, but took so much time to be heard by the entire country.  But every so often, a track like ‘Tell Me When To Go’ travels across the entire U.S. and gives Northern California a little bit of the massive shine it deserves.  Needless to say when I saw the video of the remix of ‘Function’ for the first time, I was glad that a track from the Bay was getting the attention songs from other regions get all the time.  Check the method.

E-40 feat. Too $hort & J-Banks – Just Be You (Official Video).

No matter where you travel in the Bay, you can’t get away from the music of E-40.  Every time 40 puts out a record, Hip Hop enthusiasts in northern California feel the ripples for miles around.  His most recent collab with Too Short and J-Banks titled ‘Just Be you’ has a recently released video that you can check out below.

E-40 ft. YG, Problem & IamSU – Function (Official Video).

As a person originally from the east, when you go to a different area of the country, and get really immersed in their style of music, it can be a little hard to get used to.  When I landed in the Bay Area in 2005, it was the height of the “Hyphy Movement”, and they music I’d hear was like alien music, but over time I got used to it and even found some favorite songs.  The point of that entire little trip down memory land I just took is to make the point that no matter how used to Bay music I am now, I would have loved the song ‘Function’ regardless.  There’s just something about the energy of this song that transcends the place it was made and makes it just a fun song to listen to.  Check out the official video below.