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Break Something.

People sometimes get into a certain mood where they enjoy breaking things.  Weather your angry, frustrated, or just feeling destructive, getting a chance to just destroy something is often a (not suggested) fast way to get your issues out.  I’m not sure how mad Philip Heron and James Adair must have been to create this video, but regardless of their motives, it’s pretty entertaining.  Check the method.

Smash Something.

Welcome to the Destruction Company.

The Destruction Company is a member only club that offers its rich clients the unique chance to smash anything they desire with any weapons they choose.  Members can pick from a list of objects to smash – including furniture, televisions, guitars, fax machines, motorcycles, lap tops and pottery.  Members can also request a particular item they want to destroy – including luxury cars and pianos – which they pay to have brought in. They are then given a choice of weapon including baseball bats, golf clubs, battle axes, sledgehammers, lump hammers, swords, and chainsaws.  The members then visit the club’s warehouse and roof top space to don protective clothing and destroy the object bit by bit.  The smashing – either individually or in group sessions – is filmed on camera so members can visit a control room and watch back footage of themselves in action.  The Destruction Company is now open in New Jersey and is hoping to expand its business to Los Angeles and London.  Members pay an annual fee plus the cost of what is destroyed during each session – with prices ranging from $10 (set of plates), baby grand piano ($2,000), to luxury cars costing over $100,000 (see the list below).

BCR vs. BK (It Only Takes A Few People To Make An Entire Race Look Bad).

Ton’s of people have been talking about the video above, and even among my closest friends, this video caused a discussion that upset a few people.  The story I’ve heard about whats taking place in the video is that during ‘Black College Reunion’ week, 2 women were in Burger King, waiting to be served, and the wait was so unbearable for the obese women, they started senselessly tearing up the Burger King and accosting the staff.  (This is the story I seem to keep hearing over and over.)

My first question is why do people have to act like that in the first place?  The world may never know, so lets just move along.  One question that came to my mind immediately after watching the video, and seeing the comments underneath the video from random viewers on YouTube.  WHY are people so racially driven when talking about these peoples actions.  Yes, its quite obvious that everyone that was causing trouble appeared African American, but why does that spark comments about an entire race?  Because of one group of rowdy people, an entire race seems to get put into a box and labeled, which I personally think is very unfair.

The comments that I saw are in the picture below, and you can click the picture to enlarge the photo, but people really said some wild sh*t.  Where my questions lie, when there are videos of crazy drunk white kids during spring break, no one classifies ALL white people as being that ridiculous, its just openly accepted that the group of people being observed in the video are idiots.  When there are videos of a group of girls flashing people during Mardi Gras, not all women are labeled as sluts who will show off their tits for a necklace they’ll lose before the end of the week, so why is it that all black people are being labeled (by some) as ignorant, destructive, or disorderly just because of the actions of a few fat girls?

One of the things that really threw gas onto the raging fire of a discussion my friends and I had, was when we saw someone comment that they themselves were black, and then proceeded to say that most people of the black race can be ignorant or absent minded.  No one person can speak for an entire race, and I think people seem to forget that.  Its unfortunate that whoever the person was that made that comment has black friends that can be ignorant and absent minded, but please don’t do the SAME thing everyone else is doing by labeling your own race as predominately ignorant and absent minded.

The other wild comment I read was about the ‘Obama Entitlement’ class.  I’ve never heard this term prior to reading these comments, but I can naturally assume it means that there exists a class of black people who feel “entitled” to something, or to act a certain way because President Obama is office.  And regardless of weather I’m 100% on the mean or not, people seem to be under the impression this is an iron clad, rock solid phenomenon.  I’m a stickler for details, so let me just examine that one for a second…

1. President Obama is half black, and half white, so either the “Obama Entitlement Class” applies to both black and white people.  OR, it only applies to mulatto children who have both a black and a white parent.

2. I would presume this “Obama Entitlement” suggests that the attributes of the president in office can effect the actions of the people who share the presidents most publicized qualities.  If that’s the case liars would have been tearing up Burger Kings when Nixon was in office, promiscuous men would have been at it when Clinton was in office, and vast number of less than intelligent former cocaine addicted rich kids would have been pulling things apart when Bush lived in the white house.

And finally, 3, it’s ignorant in itself to assume that an entire “class” of people feel exactly the same way about themselves because of the current president being elected.  If some people feel entitled because our president is half black, that’s fine, but how can you tell from a YouTube video that the people there that day were part of that group?

But lets move past the Obama point, past the “all black people are destructive in large groups” thing, and even past the racism aspect of it.  All in all, I’m not trying to preach, or make some sort of major political, racial, or jump on any type of high horse.  All I’m trying to say is this… Two fat b*tches had to wait too long for a Whopper at Burger King… what did you think would happen?

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