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The Araab Muzik Show.

Weather it’s live, on video, or in any other medium, someone playing the MPC live is always amazing to me, the same way it is for anyone to watch any artist produce live music.  The M.V.P. of the MPC, Mr. Araab Muzik, is a world class musician that has transcended the label of a simple “beat maker”.  Luckily for his fans, he’s on tour, all over the U.S. and has recently put out a docu-video proving his dopeness to those who remain unfamiliar.  But if you’re already up on your Araab music, keep looking at the top of the screen for the tour dates streaming by.

Outlaws And Preachers / b.Funk

It’s no surprise that I’m surrounded by rappers and producers every time I go to work. But when someone asked m recently what I was doing at an indie rock show the other day, I realized it was time to let people know that I’m knee deep in all different types of music.

Outlaws and Preachers

At the show the other night I was blessed to be checking out music from the group Outlaws and Preachers.  They have a ridiculously hyped vibe on stage without falling into the trap that so many other bands land in, (just being a bunch of dudes screaming on stage)  On top of introspective lyrics, and diverse subject matter, all of the Outlaws and Preachers songs have a unique style to them, making any performance they have appealing to almost every different type of listener.  If you want to hear some what they have, you need only click here.

The west coast isn’t the only place where I get down with the band scene.  Back on my home coast, the East is being rocked by the sounds of b.Funk.  When the group’s lead vocalist is emcee B.C. you can expect a mellifluous blend of all different types of musical styles.  Having performed with B.C. in Pennsylvania a few months back, I can tell you that the stage is always dripping with energy, and the fans are never disappointed.  b.Funk recently released a new track entitled  The Underdogs, click the pic to check out the new track, and stay tuned for more news about b.Funk very soon.