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The Only Shades That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again.


The Nano-Block sunglasses are a pair of sunglasses that let you attach lego blocks to the frames in any way shape or form so that you can have a different look every day and become the weirdo you’ve always wanted to be. One day you can have a castle atop the bridge of your glasses, the next a phallus shaped object, and the next a beard made from LEGO blocks.  You want a pair?  Just click here.

lego-sunglasses-2650 lego-sunglasses-5664 lego-sunglasses-8555 lego-sunglasses-6480lego-sunglasses-8399

The Price Of Being Batman.

Being Batman comes at a cost. Not just the physical and emotional toll, mind you. We’re talking money. Dollar signs. Big bucks. Make no mistake — in the case of the Caped Crusader, extraordinary wealth is absolutely a superpower.  The clever folks at have put together an equally clever infographic featuring the “Dark Knight Rises” hero and all of his wonderfully expensive toys, showing you just how much money goes into each and every item in Batman’s arsenal. The short version: protecting Gotham City is not a cheap gig.

Another little Batman related tid-bit I came across came from my curiosity as to the exact landscape of Gotham city. Not anymore. This map details every street corner and neighborhood of the city that Batman protects.

Just How Big Is Apple?

Mix Vibes – Cross DJ Softwear.

“MixVibes is proud to present the most exciting DJing application they have ever made: CrossDJ for iPad. MixVibes brings you a comprehensive iPad DJing experience with a user friendly yet professional and feature rich layout. This application allows all DJs to enjoy performing quality sounding mixes on an iPad.”  You can check a full report out here.

The Kobe System.

If you haven’t experienced the Kobe System for yourself, you must not know what it feels like to be over the top.  This is because the Kobe System isn’t just about getting to the top, it’s about going over the top.  Success for the Successful is Kobe Bryant’s winning, results-oriented philosophy on how to adapt to succeed.  To commemorate the release of the Kobe System, Nike has released a few viral videos to help get Kobe’s Message across. The Kobe system is basically VII sneaker with 2 separate inserts.  One insert helps with speed while the other helps with performance. It’s up to you to decide which one.  In the videos, Kobe plays a motivational speaker that manages to motivate without making much sense to anyone but himself. The videos feature an all star cast that includes Kanye West, Serena Williams, skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, comedian Aziz Ansari, and even Virgin CEO Richard Branson.

Take a look at some of the Kobe System “motivational speeches” in the videos below.

Goyard Exclsive Scarves.

French luggage maker Goyard have released a selection of scarves in their first foray outside of luggage and travel accessories.  The scarves are made of fine silk and are hand printed with an artisitc interpretation on Goyard’s signature “Y” chevron pattern.  There are 4 scarves in blue, orange, white, and pink colorways that match pieces from the Goyard luggage line.

The Student Boutique.

Like I’ve said before, anyone who knows me personally, knows I’m a sweatpants-and-‘plain black T-shirt’ person all day long, so I’m trying to get more and more into fashion as time goes on.  But I haven’t been just taking notice of my own taste, becoming more acquainted with female fashion has been helping me out lately.  (And I’ve been chilling at FIDM a lot as well).  So when I came across a website named “The Student Boutique” I was quite impressed with their selection, and more importantly their prices.  (My assistant is shopping on the site as I’m writing this).  TSB was specifically designed by its creator Candice Edwards-Marchrones to be very reasonably priced with the student budget well in mind.  Being a student herself very much helped her keep the price range in mind, while still being able to provide top notch fashion choices on the site.  Student Boutique has a wide, diverse, and well compiled collection of clothes, dresses, accessories for women that are exclusive to the site, and TSB is where I’m going to get all the gear for the women in my life this Christmas.  (I’m pretty sure they’re sick of getting DJ Storm t-shirts every year.)