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Bigger Than Pain.


‘Bigger Than Pain’ follows the career of T-Pain from the UK leg of his 2014 “I Am T-Pain” concert tour to his creative life off stage and his use of Auto-Tune. It also reveals how the ambitious 30 year old with two Grammy Awards and over 50 top ten singles under his belt navigates the triumphs and pitfalls of his successful career.


Where I’m From: JAY Z Barclays Center Documentary


In this short documentary, JAY Z’s Life+Times takes an unprecedented behind the scenes look at the creation of JAY Z’s Barclays Center opening concerts.


Mix Master Mike: A Serato Icon.

Just incase you may not be up on DJ culture, and who’s who in our world… (or your a DJ who just lives under a f*ckin rock), Mix Master Mike is, and has always been one of the best in the game.  Mix Master Mike is an American turntablist and contributing member of the Beastie Boys.

Mike is undoubtedly one of the greatest DJs of all time, but also one of the most talented turntablists of this era. A beat conductor who plays the turntable, a DJ to inspire and challenge the best of the best.  It’s no surprise he became a Serato Icon.

YMCMB’s King Of Diamonds Take Over/Memorial Day Weekend. (EXPLICIT).

King Of Diamonds can certainly be a relaxing spot for those who work hard non stop.  And no one seems to be working harder these days than Lil Wayne and the YMCMB crew.  Take a look at how they relaxed on Memorial Day 2012.  (And be WARNED, the video is uncensored).

As if all that wasn’t enough, check out some of the Memorial Day shows in Miami featuring Funk Master Flex, Ace Hood, 2 Chainz, Fat Joe, and many more.

Revisiting The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Being a huge Top Gear fan, I’m always watching BBC America, and one of the few other shows I love on the network is the Graham Norton show.  Its like your average late night talk show, but with a little more British swag.  Among the guests on Graham’s sofa are Hollywood star Will Smith, who stars in new film Men in Black III, and Will sat down to do one of his most classic songs ever. Check the method.

Get Swissted.

Swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce, owner of Stereotype Design in New York City. drawing from his love of punk rock and Swiss modernism, two movements that have (almost) nothing to do with one another.  Mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters. Each design is set in Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk medium, all lowercase. every single one of these shows actually happened.

Drake Performs ”The Zone” Live In Miami.

Drake’s Club Paradise tour has been underway for quite sometime now, but a video from one of his first performances surfaced recently.  Here’s a look at Drizzy performing “The Zone” live in Miami.

Joe Buddens Talks The Arrest Before His Show.

Seeing any group in concert is never the same when one of the members is missing.  In the Hip Hop community, our artists tend to get arrested instead of, which can be annoying, but at least they can be around to discuss it afterwards.  Recently at a Slaughterhouse concert, Joe Buddens was absent from the stage due to an arrest prior to the show.  Below is the interview where he discussed what exactly happened.

Stalley @ 330 Ritch San Francisco.

Kyle Myricks aka Stalley is self described “great American writer” from Massillon, Ohio. He left home to play Division 1 basketball in Michigan, injuring himself shortly after. That set back brought him to NY to play for Long Island University but a second injury derailed his athletic plans. He change his focus to music. In 2008, he connected with Ohio’s own, Terry Urban on the mixtape release “Goin Ape” as well as toured opening for Mos Def. His 2nd project MadStalley: The Autobiography brought attention to his transition from small time griot to rap star. He’s since worked with brands like Nike, ESPN, 10Deep and Mishka. Currently, Stalley has been working with Creative Control, the media collective associated with Dame Dash, DD172 and fellow rap artist Curren$y. His recent release titled Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music), he carefully illustrates a typical night out on his popular hometown strip. He’s appeared on BET’s 106 and Park as a part of the Music Matters campaign and premiered his video for “SLAPP” on the countdown.

On Thursday the 17th, the Above Ground crew will be bringing Stalley to San Francisco to perform at 330 Ritch alongside Moe Green, Hopie, and Damey.  Click the pic below to get your tickets before they sell out.

Click here for tickets.

YMCMB In Hawaii.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Birdman and the YMCMB crew do it big.  But this 12 minute docu-film about a recent trip to the U.S.’s 50th state was still quite interesting to watch.  Check the method below.

Watch The Throne Kicks Off In ATL.

The ‘Watch The Throne’ tour officially kicked off recently in no place other that Atlanta Georgia.  I managed to grab some amateur footage of the incredible show from a couple friends.  Check the method below, and if there was any doubt in your mind about going to this show, I hope these video’s may change your mind.

Yelawolf Talks ‘Radioactive’.

Spitting isn’t the only way Yelawolf can engage folks when he has a mic in his hands.  He recently stepped up to the stage at his listening party, and talked about his debut album Radioactive, Eminem, and his collab with ‘Gangsta Boo’.  Check the method below.

Rick Ross’s Plaque For I’m On One.

This morning I came across a pretty straight-to-the-point video of Rick Ross receiving a gold plaque from DJ Khaled for the smash single ‘I’m On One’.  Khaled promised that a platinum plauqe, and a double platinum were both on their way, which is a huge accomplishment for any artist.  And not only is ‘I’m On One’ one of my favorite records, but the footage from the show in this video was taken at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA the very same night a client of mine got me VIP tickets to the show.  So it was a good feeling watching this video, and knowing I was right there by the stage during that performance.  Check the method below.

Eminem Live at Lolapalooza.

At any concert, you have folks that whip out their phones and cameras in an attempt to capture the magic that happens on stage, then share it with the rest of their friends, or just re-watch it later.  Thankfully at the Lolapalooza festival in Chicago, many of the people with cameras had some damn good ones, and when Eminem took the stage to perform, they were all pointed at him.  Below are 3 different selections from Em’s performance from 3 different people, from 3 different angles.  Check the method.

Nicki Minaj – Did It On Em’ (Official Video).

So a while back I put up a post about the ‘I Am Still Music‘ tour featuring Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Travis Barker, Young Money, and of course the infamous Nicki Minaj.  But little did we who attended know, DJ Scoob Doo was filming scenes for Minaj’s single “Did It On Em”.  The (now official) video features scenes from many of the different tour locations, including Oakland.  Check the method below.

Live Footage of Wiz Khalifa in London.

Its no mystery that Hip Hop has spread all over the globe, but it seems that all caliber of musicians have been flocking to the UK for some of their biggest performances.  Wiz Khalifa has now joined the ranks of professionals to blow up the stage in London, England.  Check some live footage of his performance below.  (If this video ceases to work, PLEASE comment and let me know so I can update it.  YouTube has been somewhat flaky lately.)

Showtime @ The Ritch.

Duckworth of Tokyo 24

330 Ritch has been host to many different talented acts from all around the world.  But on the 23rd of March 2011, The Above Ground entertainment company put together a perfect storm of music, musicians, and madness that made the night magic.  Yours truly, DJ Storm, Tokyo 24, C -Plus, DJ King Most, 87 Stickup Kids, Kreayshawn, Alexander Spits, and Theophilus London all played a part in tearing the house to the ground.  Check the Above Ground footage below.

Eminem’s ”Recovery Of Detroit”.

“Recovery of Detroit” is a dope, and actually unexpected mini-documentary by Eminem and his people about his newest concert series in Detroit staring Eminem, D12, Drake, Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre.  The core of the 6 minute film is set around Em obviously, but also takes a look at the economic status of his home city and how people are looking on the brighter side of things when it comes to the city’s “economic resurrection”.  I’m a huge Em fan, so obviously I was enthralled, but all in all the mini movie gives an interesting insight into Eminem’s physical recovery, and the “Revocery of Detroit.”  Check the method.

Weeds Good.

My boys with FreedMinds are giving away free tickets the Oddfuture OFWGKTA concert.  As anyone who’s a fan of Oddfuture knows Oddfuture is a fan of Mary Jane.  So if you excited to go to the show, submit your best weed smoking picture to, and the best picture will win free tickets to the show.  Good luck, always pass to the left.

Are You New Years Eve In New York City?

So, no matter where you reside, New Years Eve is fast approaching, if you happen to be in the Tri-State area, I’m here to inform all who don’t already have plans that “The Cottage” in NYC will be off the chain this year.  Hot 97’s DJ Rob Ru, DJ Express will be holding down the tables, and the world famous Rob Scott will be performing.  Just know I will be there, and acting a DAMN fool all night long.  So come see us.

Footage from the Jay-Z/Eminem Concert.

It’s a shame I couldn’t be on the east coast for one of the biggest concert events of the new decade, but I was happy when I got to peep some live footage of the event, here were my two favorite clips.  Check the method.

Kid Cudi Will Kick Your Ass.

During a recent Ohio concert, Kid Cudi showed a stage crasher what happens when you mess up a Cudi performance. Check the video below to see the ‘Kid named Cudi’ beat down the kid who shouldn’t have run on stage.