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A ‘Wine Glass’ For Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola is trying to convince consumers that a specially designed glass can also enhance the flavors of their fizzy drink. Developed in partnership with Riedel, the new glasses are inspired by the curves of the original Coca-Cola contoured bottle, and are said to capture “the distinct spices, aroma and taste of Coca-Cola.”

Coca-Cola EKOCENTER: Water Purifying Shipping Container Unit

ekocenter-coca-cola-db09 ekocenter-coca-cola-db08 ekocenter-coca-cola-db07 ekocenter-coca-cola-db06 ekocenter-coca-cola-db05

To help provide communities in need with access to safe drinking water and other basic necessities, the coca-cola company, together with DEKA R&D have launched ‘EKOCENTER’ – modularly designed kiosk, which has been transformed from a 20-foot shipping container – with the ‘slingshot’ water purification system housed within a community center. The initiative aims to improve the holistic well-being of developing communities around the world, focusing on those within the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, the largest, poorest socio-economic group – representing nearly 4 billion people who live on less than us$2 per day. EKOCENTER is a modularly designed kiosk with ‘slingshot’ technology at its core, transformed from a shipping container with solar panel awnings into a local community hub, offering clean, safe drinking water, alongside other services, such as access to wireless communication, electricity, vaccination storage, and more tailored to address community needs. The ‘slingshot’ water purification system developed in partnership with DEKA R&D – uses vapor compression distillation technology to turn any source of dirty water – river water, ocean water and even raw sewage – into safe, clean drinking water. The system delivers approximately 800 liters of clean water daily at the hourly electricity cost of less than a standard handheld hair dryer (1kwh).

ekocenter-coca-cola-db04 ekocenter-coca-cola-db03 ekocenter-coca-cola-db021-818x543 ekocenter-coca-cola-db01

Marc Jacobs Designed Coca-Cola Cans

Marc-Jacobs-Diet-Coke-468x636 Marc-Jacobs-Diet-Coke-can

Coca-Cola has launched a limited-edition collection of Diet Coke cans designed by their creative director Marc Jacobs to fete the soda brand’s anniversary in Europe. The trio of cans pays tribute to the fashion decades of the 1980s, 90s and 2000s, with each silhouette created to incarnate the woman of her time. Inspired by the bright lights of Broadway and Radio City Music Hall where the zero-calorie drink first made its global debut in 1982, Jacobs sets a tuxedoed woman against a motif of butterfly bowties for the 1980s, for instance. The 1990s were marked by glamour and “sartorial audacity,” represented by a dame clad in a fuchsia frock, long gloves, stiletto heels and extravagant felt hat. And, according to Jacobs, the first decade of 2000 can be characterized by a collision of sporty chic energy, incarnated by a silhouette sporting a bob, geometric stripes and a houndstooth bikini bottom. Jacobs takes over from Jean Paul Gaultier who served as creative director for Diet Coke in 2012. The Marc Jacob cans are now available across Europe.


Coca Cola – Let’s go crazy

Coca-Cola-Lets-go-crazy-580x320 Coca-Cola-Lets-go-crazy-Money-to-Strangers-580x315 Coca-Cola-Lets-go-crazy-Stranger-580x320

After spreading happiness in their latest campaigns, Coca-Cola is back with a new idea: going crazy. If being kind with strangers, let’s all be crazy. From High Fiving strangers, to offering them gifts, or rescuing them from fires, anything can be crazy. From the little gesture to the big life change. A great campaign to discover.

Daft Punk vs. Coca Cola?

After the Daft Punk inspired Club Coke 2011 bottles launched earlier this year, here is the official Daft Punk x Coca Cola collaboration bottles.  The classic Coke glass bottle comes with gold and silver Coca-Cola logo application and matching Daft Punk bottle crown sitting on top.  The silver one is actually 925 silver and the gold one features 18k yellow gold. Hand finished the bottles are sitting in a box designed by Daft Punk.  The signed box set is limited to only 20 sets worldwide. You can enter to win a box set, which is signed by the artists, at