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3D Printed Clothes

Fashion is always changing and 3D printing has really begun to catch on as a way for designers to create outfits, accessories, and even complete dresses using a technology previously delegated to prototyping hardware and industrial parts.

The design studio Nervous System has created a novel process that allows a 3-D printed dress to move and sway like real fabric. The bespoke software behind it, called Kinematics, combines origami techniques with novel approaches to 3-D printing, pushing the technology’s limits.

Instead of pinning fabric to a dress form, a Kinematics garment starts as a 3-D model in a CAD program. Kinematics breaks the model down into tessellated, triangular segments of varying sizes. Designers can control the size, placement, and quantity of the triangles in a Javascript-based design tool and preview how the changes will impact the polygonal pinafore. Once the designer is satisfied, algorithms add hinges to the triangles uniting the garment into a single piece and compress the design into the smallest possible shape to optimize the printing process, often reducing the volume by 85 percent.

It’s not just the dress — Sandy’s entire outfit has been 3D printed. As for the dress though, it is called the A.X.I.O.S. Dress, which stands for “Advanced Xtreem Integrated Operating Scales.” It is made of an armor-like pattern created by designer Cameron Williams back in April 2014. Using SOLIDWORKS, Williams has modified this pattern slightly, to make it more appropriate for a dress design. It is 3D printed using about $78 worth of ABS, Wolfbend TPU, and TPE materials, and was designed and printed to be a perfect fit for Sandy’s body.

“The dress is more comfortable than I imagined, it even makes music when I move,” said Sandy.


Most Rappers Are Lying About Their Money


From expensive clothes to gaudy chains and customized rides, wealth has always been a major talking point in the hip-hop community – especially in rap lyrics. As Jay-Z chides on Magna Carta… Holy Grail‘s “Versus” track, “The truth in my verses versus your metaphors about what your net worth is.” Thus, Businessweek recently launched an inside look into hip-hop’s dubious tales of extraordinary wealth. The results confirm Hov’s skepticism of rap’s tried-and-true rags-to-riches narrative – one in which Jay has taken part in the truest sense while others’ claims to a cache of prosperity are, in truth, mostly unrealized.Here, Businessweek hilariously ousts some of the industry’s worst offenders – and most “humble” lyricists – with a telling “Actual Wealth vs. Alleged Wealth” comparison.

Affion Crockett – WTF.

Affion Crockett is well known for his celebrity/rap spoof, primarily his first go at Drake, but now apparently, he’s coming out with an entire album titled “Watch The Clone”.  The first single off said album is titled “WTF”, and a masterful impersonation of Jay-Z discussing Lil Wayne’s current fashion trends.  A nice video with a funny premise, (and featuring Donnell Rawlins) “WTF” is sure to make any Hip Hop enthusiasts laugh.  Check the method.

The Pop Up Shop 2011.

On a recent venture down to The City Of Angels, I was asked to DJ a gig called the Pop Up Shop.  The Pop Up Shop was a brilliant joint venture between ‘Team Iso’, ‘Rockit Scientists’, ‘Class Villians’, ‘Phreedom’, ‘Boomtho!’ and a whole host of other amazing brands to display their latest and greatest works at the Dream Factory.  Not to be confused with the Fantasy Factory, the Dream Factory is a one of a kind art gallery on Main Street in downtown LA.  I spun the all day event as all the brands and their representers were out in full effect.

Now, this is the part that will undoubtedly cause me to get a whole host of angry emails about how I cut people out, and forgot about this person and that person, but I don’t care.  All the brands that were in the house worked their hardest to come through with the best product they had to offer.  Every size of every color-way or every look and every style of every piece were award worthy, hands down.  And that being said, I have to be honest, I was a bit busy doing my job to get the background on every single brand in the building (there were quite a few), but below are a few peeks at some of the material from ‘Rockit Scientists’, ‘Team Iso’, ‘Class Villains’, and ‘Boomtho!’.  Check the method.

All in all the event was a blast, and I have to try and shoot out everyone who helped everything run as smoothly as it did, starting with my amazing assistant Ashley F., who not only held it down at the event, but also managed to take all the photos in this post.  Shouts to Keoni, Brittany, Louis V, Lil Ryan, and the whole Team Iso crew.  Nico Santana, Reg Slvstr, DT, and everyone else involved with the Rockit Scientists.  All of NhT, and every other performer who hit the stage to perform during the evening.  And shouts to all and everyone who came through to support their brands, and most of all, anyone who bought something at the gallery.  (You helped us get paid… so THANK YOU).  By the end of the night, everyone was like family (on my twitter, you can see us all grubbing at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffels on Pico), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Hit me up in a comment if you want the details on the next one, or any of the brands pictured in this post.

Play Cloths x Infinite SF.

I’ve said time and time again on this blog that I’m not necessarily the biggest fashion head on the web, however, this doesn’t mean I don’t have an eye for style.  The Infinite store on Post street in SF is one of the places I’ll always go to expend funds one some dope clothes.  Recently during a meeting in the store I saw a shirt that really caught my eye from the brand ‘Play Cloths’, and figured I’d do some research on the entire holiday collection.  Check the method, and if you like what you see, be sure to head into the store and pick some up.