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‘What You Sippin On’ x ‘Fill Ur Cup Up’ Twerk Mix.

-8DJ remixes have been an essential staple of the music game for quite some time now, but their importance has been lost over recent years to the sheer number of basic, low level mashups that scatter the internet.  Luckily DJ Kay Rich, and my mentor Clayton William have created a twerk mix that stands apart from the crowd.  This impressive combination feature Milla, D Mac, Sage The Gemini, The Kid Ryan, and Syrup.  Definitely worth putting in your playlist, either as a casual listener, or a DJ.  Check the method below.


Clayton William – Fill Ur Cup Up (Official Video).

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.14.59 PM

It’s fairly standard that different regions of the U.S. have different styles of popular music.  Some areas cross over, (like New Yorkers listening to music out of the South) but unbeknownst to me, some parts of Miami have a taste for the Bay Area flavor.  Recently on a trip to MIA, I brought a track titled “Fill Ur Cup Up” with me produced by my mentor Clayton William featuring Sage The Gemini, Dmac, Milla, and Jmaine.  Needless to say everyone is South Beach was asking about it, and luckily the good folks who fell in love the song now have a video to go with it.  Check out the official video for “Fill Ur Cup Up” directed by Sharp Films.

Dark Ice Cream.


Click the pic to download.

In today’s music industry, production is crucial to having a career that pays the bills.  When I was growing up, production equipment was expensive or under-developed, and East Coast beats were relatively simple.  I always considered it a disadvantage that I never learned to produce when I was younger, and with a co-DJ (Jeff Phantom) who hadn’t make a deep trek into the production realm, I didn’t think we’d be able to pull off our own music without years of practice.  Luckily veteran producers Joe Major, Rich Lyfestyle, and Clayton William put themselves at our disposal to help DJ Jeff Phantom and myself come up with a project that let us flex our production wings.


The 5 track EP features original remixes of songs from Zedd, Lil Wayne, Katya, Outkast, and even a take on classical music.  Trap as a genre is something that’s growing, weather it’s a fad or not remains to be seen, but what Jeff Phantom and I wanted to do was put a trap twist on some classic, new classic, and classical tracks.  Both Phantom and I teamed up with different producers to get the sounds we wanted in the tracks that we chose, and to take a listen, click or scan the photo below to download.


Click here to download

Katya’s ‘Set Me Free’ Artwork.


Any self respecting artist knows that taking creative control over every aspect of the product you put out into the world is crucial.  Even the cover of a track has to be treated like a big deal when you know you’ll reach countless people across the globe, so when singer/songwriter Katya needed a cover for her single ‘Set Me Free’, it was a task.  With an amazing song in the bag, Katya needed a cover that personified her and the themes of the song perfectly.  After working with producer Clayton William and yours truly at Hendrix Studios, Katya stepped into the photo studio with Lindsay Amanda and her photography team for a magnificent photo shoot.  Between the production of the song, and Katya’s mastery in front of the camera, it wasn’t hard to meld music and visuals for what will be a full package when released.  After the shoot the photos were sent over to Forr Design for the graphic spread, and the result one that fans will come to recognize the world over.  Take a look below at some of the work it took to produce the official cover for ‘Set Me Free’.

iParty (Official Video).

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.39.34 AM

‘iParty’, The single featuring Furious, Nayelli, Zyme, Authentic, Milla, and Clayton William now has a wild-style video to go with its interessant sound.  Shot and edited by Drxawesomefilm (Ryan Keenan) & Sharp Films, the video is just one big party.  Check the method below.

Authentic ft. Clayton William – Caught Up Remix (Official Video).


Breathing new life into a song can be accomplished many different ways.  The most common way is the remix, but over time remixes just tire out a song even more, or give you something that makes you long for the original.  Fortunately thanks to the brilliant minds behind ‘Caught Up’, it’s remix surpasses it’s already noteworthy original.  With a new beat from Rich Morfin, the Authentic & Clayton William track has an entirely new appeal and proves that not everyone has forgotten what a good remix is supposed to sound like.

The video it self was direct and cut together by Wills Joseph, and features a spirited mish-mash of different moments in the life of Authentic.  Clayton William, Rich Morfin, and many other make appearances throughout the video.  The song itself can be found on Authentic’s upcoming release ‘The Book Of Travy’, being released on 12/21/12 at

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 2.29.08 PM

Start Trippin.

Above are two pics from the ‘Stop Trippin’ video, (the bottom being a quick shot of my assistant Ashley F. and I).  Bay Area emcee Jay Cee and R.O.D. teamed up recently with Clayton William to create the track ‘Stop Trippin’.  The song circles around the very relatable situation of having your significant other not realizing the sacrifices necessary to stay afloat in the entertainment industry… hence the title.  I’m quite excited to see the final result of the video, but for now, check out the trailer, and the making of the track before that.