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See The Food At The Worlds Best Restaurant.


That, in the photo above, is a 100% edible “Green Apple Balloon”, don’t ask me what it’s made of, I’m not chef Grant Achatz.  For the fourth consecutive year, chef Grant Achatz has managed to win over the readers and diners of Elite Traveler magazine, helping the Chicago restaurant take the lead in its top 100 restaurants in the world list.  Regardless of what your palette’s preference is, Achatz’s presentation, plating, and ingredient choices seem to be second to none.



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Patagonia And New Belgium Brewing California Route Lager


To help celebrate its 40th anniversary, Patagonia has teamed up with New Belgium Brewing Company to produce a limited edition lager it can call its own. The California Route Lager is an organic lager brewed with a heady blend of Hallertau and Cascade hops blended with organic Munich malt. The California Route Lager will only be available once, and will be released in select markets in the U.S. including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Boulder, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Cardiff and Ventura.

Donell Jones – Beautiful


’90s R&B singer, Donell Jones released visuals for his second single, ‘Beautiful,’ off his sixth studio album, ‘Forever.’ The ‘Where I Wanna Be’ singer uses his latest melodic ballad to tell what looks to be the love of his life that what they have goes far beyond the physical. When it comes to his sexy co-star, it’s not just about her beauty, it’s her mind, and “it’s everything about her that keeps this brother in line.” To see what Jones has to offer fans the sixth time around, listen to Chicago-bred artist’s legato vocals and take a look at the sensual music video below.


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This sense of combining a proud concept history with twenty first century design continued in Holden’s latest concept. Released in Australia in 2005, the Efijy looks like what Batman would drive if he was trying to blend into a fifties Chicago Gangster movie. No surprise, it is indeed a tribute to a fifties Holden model, the FJ, and was born in the minds of the company’s design team as long ago as 1988. Boasting a V8 engine with Rootes supercharger, the Efijy packs a whopping 644 horsepower. An even cooler touch: it rides on an air suspension system that lowers the car automatically when it’s stopped. In fact the touches like that explain the success of all Holden’s concept cars: they make you smile, and draw breath in wonder at the same time.

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Krewella “Alive”


Krewella is an Electronic dance music group from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2007. The group consists of Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf and Rain Man. Their EP, Play Hard was released on June 18, 2012 exclusively on Beatport.

The World Wide Watch.

Sure, it’s a middle class problem but ever get annoyed by having to change the time on your watch when you enter a new country?  It might not be an issue that afflicts those of us who don’t go travelling that often but this ingenious watch is still perfect for those who wish that they did.  The “All Around the World” watch boasts eight hour hands, which resemble landmarks in major cities. For example, if you’re in New York then you’d use the Statue of Liberty as your hour marker. Minutes are always marked by a pigeon. You know, because they’re a given in every city.

Here’s the full list of cities and landmarks:

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Salt Lake Temple, Utah

Sears Tower, Chicago

Statue of Liberty, New York

Big Ben, London

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Istambul’s minarets

Red Square, Moscow

There are only 100 watches and each costs £150. You can find out more info, including where to buy here.

A House Keeper’s 50’s Photography.

After spending decades collecting dust the work of an unlikely artist has finally been uncovered.  To the outside world Vivian Maier was just a nanny and housekeeper working in Chicago. But she also had a hidden talent was not recognised until after her death in 2009.  Maier spent her life wandering the streets of Chicago with a Rolleflex camera strapped to her neck taking remarkable black and white pictures of a different side of the city, and a different side of life in America.  Now some 100,000 pictures have been unearthed by John Maloof a real estate agent who bought the negatives as part of a storage locker at a Chicago auction house.

The City Limits.

Different video styles have a unique way of reflecting different concepts both visually and mentally.  One of the most beautiful ways to demonstrate the passing of time, is with a tool called a time lapse.  I came across a clip by Dominic Boudreault, who used the time lapse to demonstrate a duality between the city and nature.  Regardless of the original intent, the video is downright beautiful, and capture city sights beautifully.

Locations include :

– Montreal, Quebec, Canada
– Quebec city, Quebec, Canada
– Toronto, Ontario, Canada
– Manhattan, New York, USA
– Chicago, Illinois, USA

You can see more from Dominic at

Behind The Scenes With Trina.

Recently, Trina and Mr. Collipark got together to put out the track “Red Bottoms”.  Personally, I feel like with Trina’s obvious absence from the rap game, a new release may have been met with some skepticism by many, but rest assured Red Bottoms seems to be quite the banger.  The behind the scenes video by Derrick G, and 305 Films shows a little of the thought process behind the video, and even some looks things like dancers rehearsals.  Aside from the back up dancers, (including the world famous, Chi Town based ‘Footwork Kings’) Trina herself engages in some pole dancing wearing a wild yellow outfit and of course her Red Bottoms.  Director Gil Green, seems to have put together what could possibly be quite the comeback record for Trina.  With all the different dancers, different styles of dance, and Trina’s… talents on screen, this video should be a memorable one.  Check the method below.

Nicki Minaj Goes Back To School.

Nicki Minaj became principal for a day when she visited Chicago’s Collins Academy on Thursday. The school won the ‘Get MotivatED Challenge,’ a six-week competition to improve daily attendance rates at schools nationwide, scoring a visit from the hip-hop star.

Throughout the day, Nicki, who graduated from LaGuardia High School in New York City, stressed the importance of education. “I am a young, female mogul before I am an artist,” she said. “As a business woman there isn’t a single day where I don’t use my education or acquire new knowledge to ensure my success.”
She continued, “Regardless of where you are today, with education you can take yourself where you want to be. That’s why I am working with the Get Schooled Foundation. They are finding innovative and exciting ways to bring that message to schools like the Collins Academy.”

In an all-school assembly, the rapper presented three exemplary students — Amanda Chaney, Rachael Pillot and Japone Johnson — with $10,000 college scholarships, courtesy of Comcast. The singer also took over a freshman English class and helped teach a lesson.

According to Get Schooled, if students have more than 10 absences in a year, their likelihood of graduating on time drops significantly. On the other hand, students who are more involved in school activities, are more likely to attend school regularly and graduate on time. In the case of Collins Academy, the 400-student school saw an almost 7 percent increase in attendance over the course of the last six weeks, making it the winner of the challenge.

Kaaydah Marie.

This model post has a bit more gravity than most of the other models I’ve posted up in the past.  I want to address some issues with this one.  Now, friends, fans, clients and colleagues all talk to me with the impression that I’ve got an inoperable ‘jungle fever’ tumor somewhere in my brain.  I just want to make it clear that this is very untrue.  I don’t care who you are, or what your into, there’s no denying that Kaaydah Marie is 19 types of ridiculously hot.  Kaaydah grew up in Ontario Canada and is of Jamaican and English descent. She graduated from high school at the early age of 16 and proceeded to college for DePaul University on her freshman year on a full scholarship for the 100M.  Sexy, athletic and intelligent, she has graduated from IADT Downtown Chicago in Fashion Merchandising Management Major and she is starting her Pre-Med program this year. Kaaydah definitely has many goals and luckily she models on the side for fun to share her beauty with her audience.  Kaaydah has been featured in Fabolous Feat. The Dream “Throw It In A Bag”,  SHOW Magazine, Twista “Wetter”, the cover of Damn Girl Magazine, and the Fabolous Feat. Jeremiah “It’s My Time” video.  But look out for miss Kaaydah in more shoots, videos and magazines.

Transformers 3 Gets A Bit “Racier”

It looks as though the Decepticons have found a new disguise for the upcoming Transformers 3 movie, scheduled for release in 2012. These wild NASCAR-impersonating robots from outer space were seen tearing up the streets of Chicago during filming for the anticipated blockbuster this past weekend. Chevrolet’s presence has been strong throughout the recent popular Hollywood recreation of the 1980′s cartoon series, most notably with Bumble Bee, the yellow and black concept Camaro and the more recent Corvette Stingray concept, both of which were sighted as well during the Chicago shoot. So it’s no surprise that all three of the NASCAR themed stunt-cars are modeled after Chevy-sponsored teams.

Chicago ‘Water’

‘Aqua’ is an 82-story mixed use building located in the Lakeshore East area of Chicago. It is the largest project awarded to a female-led architectural firm, designed by Jeanne Gang (Studio Gang Architects). The wavy protrusions serve as terraces for residential and hotel guests, and give the building a unique visual appeal.