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Gucci Makes PICKLES Now?


Artist Peddy Mergui created a series of food packaging, extended from the lines of luxury brands. His exhibition ‘Wheat is Wheat is Wheat’, currently presented at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco, displays the collection of crafted boxes, containers and cases, each bearing a familiar trademark of a well-known brand.  Nike, Tiffany, Gucci and Apple are logos featured on the packs, which are aesthetically described by visual elements and characteristics appropriate to each label. To see the whole series, click here.

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pasta1 baby_f_1 peddy-mergui-extends-luxury-brand-lines-to-food-packaging-designboom-01 Paddy_Mergui_07 Paddy_Mergui_06 Paddy_Mergui_03 Paddy_Mergui_05 Paddy_Mergui_04 Paddy_Mergui_01 Paddy_Mergui_02

Chanel Supermarket Fashion Show

chanel-supermarket-hashion-show-600x399 Chanel-supermarket-600x374 Chanel  : Front Row  - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Chanel-supermarket-Paris-600x372 Chanel-Supermarket-Sweep-600x399 Karl-lagerfeld-Chanel-Supermarket-600x382

Karl Lagerfeld turns Grand Palais into giant supermarket to debut Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. The unusual catwalk show is part of Paris Fashion Week 2014, and featured Lagerfeld’s muse Cara Delevigne. Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand browsed breakfast cereals in a tiara; Keira Knightley lingered by the cheese counter; Rihanna looked glamorous over by biscuits and cakes. Guests trailed the aisles in amazement: condiments, pastas, oils and vinegars, cheeses and charcuterie, brooms and dusters, buckets and mops.

Kate Moss For Playboy By Mert And Marcus

kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-13 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-20141 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-12 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-32 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-5

Kate Moss has truly done it again, when posing for the famous photographer duo Mert & Marcus in the January/February 2014 issue of the well known men’s magazine. Like a classic Chanel, the legendary Kate Moss will never go out of style. Not only has she conquered the fashion scene, she has now taken on Hugh Hefner’s favorite costume and skyrocket it to fashion heaven. In the hands of the visual photographer duo, known for their digital distorting images and incredible passion for capturing high powered women. The stylist Alex White stayed true to the magazines signature look, has made sure to set free all of Miss Moss’ inner bunnies and combined them with sensual lingerie and killer heels. Getting the privilege to get near this legend’s facial features is make-up artist Lucia Pieroni, from an innocent looking day make to a more passionate evening glow, Pieroni brings out all of Moss’ seductive expressions. With the help from Mert & Marcus’ visual art Kate Moss can proudly jump her way to the top, once again.

kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-41 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-121 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-9 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-6 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-111 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-7 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-131 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboy-january-february-2014-8

Steve Kraitt – Designer Drugs

designer-drugs-by-steve-kraitt-580x725 designer-drugs-by-steve-kraitt-1-580x725 designer-drugs-by-steve-kraitt-2-580x725

Steve Kraitt is a photographer and according to him a good photograph is like a good joke : if you had to explain it, it just isn’t that good. Respecting this principle, Steve Kraitt gives us his last photoshoot entitled “Designer Drugs” without further explanation. In these photos, starred the model (especially her lips) Echo Nittolitto. So, Designer Drugs show a contrast between the white teeth and the colored lips of Echo Nittolitto, a variety of pills and tablets stamped the biggest luxury brand : Chanel, Prada, Gucci, YSL, Dior… The artist may be trying to expose the addiction of some people to luxury brands and what they represent, the desire for recognition and a higher social status.

designer-drugs-by-steve-kraitt-5-580x725 designer-drugs-by-steve-kraitt-4-580x725

Nikolay Biryukov

ranyabag1 ranyabag2 ranyabag3

Ranya Mordanova was cuting a striking figure in all black looks for this series shot by Nikolay Biryukov. The story is inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s book, “Haunted”, which depicts a character named “Lady Baglady” who pretends to be homeless to escape the boredom of her wealthy life. With that influence in mind, Ranya is shown wearing the sleek styles of Alberta Ferretti, Chanel, Emilio Pucci and Dolce & Gabbana amongst others styled by Stella Gosteva in a setting of cardboard and stringed lights. Makeup was done by Marina Keri and hair by Ernesto Montenovo.

ranyabag4 ranyabag5 ranyabag6 ranyabag7 ranyabag8

Karl Lagerfeld Store

timthumb-1.php timthumb.php Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-Portrait Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-Upstair timthumb-2.php timthumb-1.php timthumb.php

Karl Lagerfeld opened his first store in Paris. Known for his work at Chanel, it’s for his own brand Karl that the designer, adopted by french culture created this store in Saint Germain Des Près. The hip neighborhood has now his very own place to shop for some premium fashion.

Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-Main Karl-Lagerfeld-Store-

LEGO-Inspired Clutch By Chanel

Check out this unique LEGO-inspired clutch by Chanel for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. The clutch comes in multiple colors to match your wardrobe. Lagerfeld is not shy to inspiring a world of particularly interesting accessories.

Chanel’s Hula-Hoop Beach Bag

The biggest accessory news out of Paris Fashion Week–well is the hula-hoop bag that Karl Lagerfeld showed at Chanel for Tuesday’s Spring 2013 runway show. The accessory in question is an oversized envelope bag in the style of Chanel’s classic quilted leather–but strung between two hula hoops. Karl has confirmed he came up with the item when thinking of what fashionable women need on holiday.

Top 10 Designer Two Wheelers.

Bicycles are going couture and they are selling fast! Fashion designers like bikes because, unlike cars, they are easy and inexpensive to customize in ways that produce dramatic visual results, becoming “moving billboards” for their work.  Here are the top ten bikes for eco-conscious style lovers, selected by the design scouts of

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Republic Bike for a personalized experience in bike design. More than 100,000 color combinations are available for the five styles including the Aristotle singlespeed and Plato Dutch. The 3D Bike Shop™ allows you to visualize your design in 3D. Retail price: from $399.


The two-wheelers, which cost $399, got a jumpstart from a covetous celebrity tweet by actress Jessica Alba. One version, with a distinct copper-color pattern, sold out the first day and has resold for as much as $1,279.95 on eBay.

Kate Spade

Collaboration with Tribeca bicycle boutique Adeline Adeline / Limited-edition and hand-crafted in Italy by Abici, this Kate Spade New York bike comes with a grass-green frame and a Brooks leather saddle. Retail price: $1,100, available in New York only.

Ralph Lauren

Collaboration with England´s longest-established bicycle manufacturer Pashley Cycles / Custom-designed and hand-built, these limited-edition bicycles commemorate the Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run. Retail price: $ 2,200.


This bike comes complete with removable fur saddlebags.  Nuff said.


Chanel’s version is an eight-speed ergonomic bike. It is part of the luxury brand’s spring/summer 2008 collection and is an ode to Coco Chanel, who had a strong passion for sports.


Hermès’scollaboration with Dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus. / This luxe bike features meticulously stitched leather accents on the saddle, handle bar grips and on the inner tubes of the frame.


This limited-edition bike by Gucci was part of the Beijing Olympic release; it is a Dutch-style bike and was available in Beijing and Hong Kong only. / Price: $3,420.


The bike is equipped with camouflage luggage and a matching seat. All metal applications are in gold. Retail price: €1900.

Chrome Hearts x Cervelo

American luxury brand Chrome Hearts’s collaboration with bike manufacturer Cervelo. This limited-edition bike has been decked out with custom Chrome Hearts graphics, leather, precious metals and rhinestones. Retail price: $60,000.