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The Eternals Got It Right…

The final trailer for Marvel’s “The Eternals” features a quite hilarious sequence featuring some of the titular characters having a bit of, what some might call a “discussion” about IKEA furniture. Our lead writer was blessed enough to have a relative who speaks FLUENT IKEA, and we thought we’d post up the 70 year evolution of the center piece of the IKEA catalog over decades… the living room. Above is a look at the years spanning the 1970’s to the 2020’s at just how the IKEA living room, and all its goofy names has evolved. TRUST us, for the interior designer, its a bit more interesting than you may think.

‘Break A B*tch Pockets Like Jimmy Choo’.

“Break a b*tch pockets like Jimmy Choo” is a line from one of my favorite songs from Bay Area rapper A.Mo, and it didn’t really strike me how nuts some women go these designer shoes.  It just so happens that Jimmy Choo is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the iconic shoe and accessory brand, by publishing a coffee table book: Jimmy Choo XV.  The luxurious Jimmy Choo Chronicles presents fifteen of their most recognizable shoe designs since the companies launch in 1996.  Also included are studio design sketches, red carpet shots, behind the scenes fashion photography, past advertising campaigns and a host of stunning editorials.  This luxury book is this the perfect Christmas gift for every woman who dons themselves an ardent shoe lover.  It is also 100% of the proceeds go towards the Jimmy Choo Foundation (which raises money for women charities) making it both stylish and worthwhile.  The high-fashioned book will be made available at booksellers across the globe in February of 2012.