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Check Out Some Of Ori Toors’ Vector Work.

When it comes to the technical terms surrounding beautiful and colorful art, people aren’t normally too fussed, but when it comes to Ori Toors illustrations, the vector part is important.  For anyone not ‘digital art’ savvy,  the difference between a jpeg and a vector is essentially that a jpeg is a bitmap based on pixels, that can be seen when blown up too big.  But a vector is based on paths that can be stretched to any size.  This essentially means that Ori Toors incredible works can be blown up to the size of a building, and still look just as amazing.


The Psychotoons.


The Mexican artist known as Rafahu, created an interesting take on some quite recognizable cartoon figures.  The disturbing, disfigured, and dastardly looking images below are referred to as his “Psychotoons”.  Brilliant illustration work, coupled with a eerie color pallet make this small collection quite memorable.  Check the method.

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Minimalistic Fairy Tales.

If the posters for the well-known fairy tales do in a minimalist style …