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Caity Costa – Medicated.

“Medicated”, the next addition to the much awaited Butterfly EP, was wonderfully written by Caity Costa herself. The surreal bells and chimes in the slow, yet deliberate beat, mixed with her smooth voice and distant reverbs makes this one a must listen. Her emphasis on not caring what others think, (which is a strong message to individuals who could focus more on being themselves) also seems to be a foreground used to communicate a beliefs about actual medications. Her well said message appears to highlight the stresses and pitfalls of medications and the stress that can be put on them to help you… when all you really need yourself. “Medicated” is leisurely and meaningful, and reminds you about the intoxicating invigoration you can provide yourself. Click the photo above to stream or buy the record, and take a quick listen in the video below.

Caity Costa – Butterfly.

Caity Costa has been on the music scene for quite some time, be it in music videos, on magazine covers, or just straight up in your ears with a flurry of solo songs and collaborations with artists all over. Now she’s on the scene once again with her newest title track “Butterfly”, just one quarter of the Butterfly EP, being released all throughout the month of October. The song ‘Butterfly’ itself finds a truly unique and refreshing blend between sultry R&B singing, and an incredible spoken word poem embodying her thoughts and feelings. Its a joy to listen to, and the song embodies the emotions of many, while its presentation has only been approached by few. The wonderfully executed track was produced by Bat Area native Joe Major, and is available for a listen by just clicking the cover above, and hear a sample in the promo video below.