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10 Examples Of The Worlds Best Plating.


When you hear the words “goose liver”, not too many pleasant images come to mind, and I highly doubt the picture above is one of them.   The beauty of plating food is that you can make art out of food, and yes, the photo above is actually goose liver.  I was attempting to plate some ground lamb, rice, and zucchini, recently, and I considered the difficulty involved with making food look as beautiful as it can for the people who will be eating it.  EliteTraveler has compiled a photo gallery of 10 of what they consider the most beautiful plates in the world.  Check the method.


Poached Scottish lobster tail with lardo di colonnata, vegetables ˆ la grecque and coral vinaigrette

mark-best sole le-manoir

Marjoram Roasted Rack with Morel Panna Cotta and Fava Beans prepared by Daniel Humm, Executive Chef of Eleven Madison Park in NYC.

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D3X 2011/04/28 12:58:47.78 Time Zone and Date: UTC+1, DST:ON Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit) Image Size: L (6048 x 4032), FX Lens: 28-70mm F/2.8D Artist: Copyright: Focal Length: 70mm Exposure Mode: Manual Metering: Matrix Shutter Speed: 1/80s Aperture: F/11 Exposure Comp.: 0EV Exposure Tuning: ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100 Optimize Image: White Balance: Auto, A1, M1 Focus Mode: AF-S AF-Area Mode: Contrast AF AF Fine Tune: OFF VR: Long Exposure NR: OFF High ISO NR: OFF Color Mode: Color Space: Adobe RGB Tone Comp.: Hue Adjustment: Saturation: Sharpening: Active D-Lighting: OFF Vignette Control: Normal Auto Distortion Control: Picture Control: [SD] STANDARD Base: [SD] STANDARD Quick Adjust: - Sharpening: 5 Contrast: +1 Brightness: 0 Saturation: 0 Hue: 0 Filter Effects: Toning: Map Datum: Image Authentication: OFF Dust Removal: Image Comment: [#End of Shooting Data Section]

Copy-of-tom-aikens_david-griffen-photography-1591-6109 Eric_ripert_resized Noma1_1024

Bon Apetit Pool Party (Editorial).

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Editorial for Bon Apetit shot by JUCO, Styled by JAK, Props by Angharad Bailey and Beauty by David Tolls.

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