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Naomi Kizhner’s Parasitic Powered Jewelry

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In the dystopian future of The Matrix, humanity has been converted into a renewable crop by energy-starved sentient machines, with “farms” of human bodies harnessed and harvested for their metabolic output. It’s one of those disturbing sci-fi premises which can leave one suspicious of artificial intelligence, robotic vacuums, and the whole “internet of things” trend. But maybe Agent Smith and his robotic compatriots were onto something in regards to the human body as a renewable energy source. The ‘e-pulse conductor’ is a pendant without a chain, harvesting bioelectricity from the human body’s neurological system, “plugged” into the spine via pincer interface. Industrial design graduate student, Naomi Kizhner of Jerusalem’s Hadassah College envisions jewelry one day serving purposes beyond adornment, a three-piece collection connecting and converting the human body into one gigantic battery for biological data feedback. Energy Addicts’ entomological-styled accessories hints of early David Cronenberg at hisbest/worst, the jewelry’s macabre beauty furthered by how each piece is worn: sharp pincers and stings pierce skin, establishing an “interface” between body and each bio-electrically powered accessory. Blood Bridge: designed to tap directly into the action of ulnar artery – the body’s main blood vessel – the pulmonary flow of the heart spins an enclosed wheel to generate electricity.

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Sound Activated Kinetic Garments – Incertitudes


Montreal-based fashion designer Ying Gao presents two new kinetic garments, whose aesthetic details tessellate in reaction to sound. The ‘incertitudes’ series consists of white and silver colored fabric which have been covered in dressmaker pins, outwardly protruding from the textile’s facade. Through a collaboration of mediums and technologies — PVDF plastic, dressmaker pins, and electronic devices — The metallic accessories interact and respond to noise in their environment, activated through the spectator’s voice. Their fluent motion generates a wave-like flux, contracting and expanding the entire wearable object. The clothing’s original function is reappropriated and transposed into a unique aesthetic application.

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Louis Vuitton Traveling Curiosities Exhibition: Honolulu

Picture 16

Artist Billie Achilleos has crafted 8 imaginative creatures from Louis Vuitton’s Traveling Curiosities exhibition, including a giant sea turtle out of Louis Vuitton accessories for the brand’s store in Waikiki, Honolulu. Each animal is pieced together with handbags, small leather goods, belts, wallets, and travel accessories made of Louis Vuitton’s distinct leathers and canvas.

Louis-vuitton-turtle-600x418 LV-turtle-600x400

3D Printers Are Available For Purchase At Staples


Staples announced that it has begun selling 3D Systems’ Cube 3D Printer for $1,299. It won’t be in stores until the end of June, and even then will only be available for purchase at a “limited number” of locations. More and more online orders are being reserved by the minute, and you can order your own from the Staples website. 3D systems started shipping the Cube 3D to its first costumers about one year ago. The printer allows you to create items up to 5.5 square inches cubed. Designs are limited to 1 of 16 colors, and Staples says it will soon be stocking replacement cartridges along with other necessary accessories. The cartridges will sell for $49.99 each. The Cube 3D comes with 25 blueprints for designs, but various other templates for additional creations are available online.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Watch Collection


Once again Baume & Mercier uncovers the most demanding collection with the label of “Clifton”. The collection covers wrist watches with the branded “Baume & Mercier” names on them while the classic look remains same. However, the Clifton collection shows a greater attitude towards satisfying customer requirements with its pleasant features. Inspired by the 1950s fashion accessories this collection includes the 1st Baume & Mercier 1830 Clifton top model watch containing 18k red gold case with traditional and simple design whereas two new models of Baume & Mercier Clifton Automatic Steel are coming up to show off the greater quality of stainless steel. The collection will be unveiled at 2013 SIHH.

2011 Mercedes AMG Accessories.

High functionality, fine materials and impressive style characterise the new AMG Selection 2011 of first-class accessories.  The products are available in a business line for the office and commercial environment and a casual range for sport and leisure.  The collection includes items such as a functional laptop trolley suitcase in leather/nylon with variable interior compartments for clothes, a laptop and cable compartment plus wheels with AMG styling.  Other business accessories include a documents case with credit card and organizer compartments, a matt-finished aluminum retractable ball-point pen, a wallet, a key case plus a credit card holder.  Finally, the sports and leisure items in the AMG Selection 2011’s casual range include practical windcheaters, polo shirts and caps for women, men and children.  he collection includes the compact or full-size umbrella with a leather handle, Teflon coating, fiber-glass ribs and an embossed AMG logo, plus a leather sports bag, a key case and ring in carbon fibre/leather plus a matching lanyard in AMG-look.  For model car enthusiasts the AMG Selection 2011 also offers the gull-wing SLS AMG as high-quality 1:87, 1:43 and 1:18 scale models.

The Student Boutique.

Like I’ve said before, anyone who knows me personally, knows I’m a sweatpants-and-‘plain black T-shirt’ person all day long, so I’m trying to get more and more into fashion as time goes on.  But I haven’t been just taking notice of my own taste, becoming more acquainted with female fashion has been helping me out lately.  (And I’ve been chilling at FIDM a lot as well).  So when I came across a website named “The Student Boutique” I was quite impressed with their selection, and more importantly their prices.  (My assistant is shopping on the site as I’m writing this).  TSB was specifically designed by its creator Candice Edwards-Marchrones to be very reasonably priced with the student budget well in mind.  Being a student herself very much helped her keep the price range in mind, while still being able to provide top notch fashion choices on the site.  Student Boutique has a wide, diverse, and well compiled collection of clothes, dresses, accessories for women that are exclusive to the site, and TSB is where I’m going to get all the gear for the women in my life this Christmas.  (I’m pretty sure they’re sick of getting DJ Storm t-shirts every year.)

Rosary Boys


Click the pic to whiteness greatness.

I haven’t really gotten into jewlery too much on this Blog, but after seeing RB, that might all change. Rosary Boys is a collection of jewelry designed with the efforts of unification. Every piece comes with a positive message, phrase, or word. It’s also “Compilation Jewelry”. Every month Rosary Boys works with an artist, store or apparel company in collaborative efforts to create a jewelry piece with a once in a lifetime feel. Check in to their website every month to see new collaborations. NOT A NAME BRAND, JUST A VISION. And allow me to correct my previous statement… If all jewelry was as unique as Rosary Boys, I’d feature jewelry a lot more often.