Your Eyes May Be Saying More About You Than You Know.


‘What kind of image does the muslim veil return in occidental society?’ asks french designer Théo Kasperowicz ‘How can we perceive people if they’re hidden?’.  For his graphic project, Kasperowicz decided to work with the notion of the Niqab – a veil which hides the entire face except the eyes. The series of portraits have been almost completely blurred, only allowing the eyes to remain clearly visible. Although their facial features are unidentifiable, the outline of the human form is obscured yet recognizable, almost like watercolor. This treatment also seeks to echo prevalent censorship in the media, which traditionally masks the eyes of a victim or private party in order to dissimulate their identity.

img_1_1406900073_1e91c4138c82e9f00cd12f1ff4c11fb2 img_3_1406900073_c59d8e3be2d53ed7295496062c34ca80 img_4_1406900073_8f079cc3ce265586dfa2a802a575c74e img_5_1406900073_f7be3d585ff0edd984efe2d0612d478e

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