The Most Exquisite Stays



For only $56,000 a night you can stay in this suite; the InterContinental Geneva

Deciding where you want to stay when you are spending an evening away from home is often decided strictly on your budget. Imagine having an immeasurable amount of money and being able to stay in the most luxurious and expensive hotel room. Allow your wildest dreams of fabulous staying become a reality in these photos of the most outrageous hotel suites in the world.


Featured in the W Hotel of London, this extreme suite features a rotating couch (picture below) or turn it into a dance floor under a giant disco ball dome.

The New York Palace - Jewel Suite

This suite sits upon the 53rd floor and is 5,000 square feet large.



Or perhaps you prefer a stay in this location; Straffan House at The Kildare Country Club- approximately 30 minutes away from Dublin, Ireland.




The New York Palace - Jewel Suite


Victoria Fisher

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