What Are Your Beautiful Nightmares?

dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-10 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-01 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-03 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-05 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-003 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-07

Dark, haunting, and disturbing. Yet, at the same time, beautiful and compelling. Diana Dihaze‘s images have the power to draw the viewers in, to look past the disturbing aspects of the photographs and figure out the things that happen to the subjects of her artworks.
Dihaze is a self-taught artist from Odessa, Ukraine. She uses her camera and Photoshop to create her series of surreal photo manipulations. Many of her artworks are inspired by her personal nightmares and phobias. For that reason, she is able to infuse strong emotions into her haunting images.

dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-08 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-12 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-11 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-04 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-02 dihaze-beautiful-bizarre-13

  1. completely terrifying, but beautiful as well, I agree.


  1. July 3rd, 2014
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  2. August 29th, 2014

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