Onewheel Self Balancing Electric Skateboard

Onewheel-Self-Balancing-Skateboard-1 Onewheel-Self-Balancing-Skateboard-2 Onewheel-Self-Balancing-Skateboard-3 Onewheel-Self-Balancing-Skateboard-4 Onewheel-Self-Balancing-Skateboard-5 Onewheel-Self-Balancing-Skateboard-6

The key to the simple balancing act — lean forward to go faster, lean back to stop or reverse — is the advanced gadgetry inside the Onewheel. Built-in sensors and key-component algorithms work in conjunction with the direct drive hub motor. It’s powered by a 48v Lithium Nano-phosphate battery, and charging happens in as little as 20 minutes. While it doesn’t reach speeds of 88 mph, we think the 12 mph is still faster than walking.

  1. January 13th, 2014

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