Modern Mirindibas Residence In Sao Paulo Brazil


The Brazil based team at Studio MK27 specialize in sleek, modern homes found all throughout South America, and they continuously deliver some of the most stunning residences. The latest project from the architectural firm comes to us in the Mirindibas Residence. The home was completed a few years back in 2006, and is located in beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil. The ultra contemporary home spans just under 9,000 square feet, and was spearheaded by designer Marcio Kogan. The home utilizes massive sliding window doors to connect the outdoor space with the indoor space, and features an open floor plan throughout.

Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-1 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-3 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-4 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-5 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-6 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-7 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-9 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-13 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-10 Modern-Mirindibas-Residence-in-Sao-Paulo-Brazil-14

  1. January 6th, 2014

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