World View Outer Space Balloon Capsule Ride

World-View-Outer-Space-Balloon-Capsule-Ride-1 World-View-Outer-Space-Balloon-Capsule-Ride-2

20 miles above the ground from the comforts of a balloon capsule, it’s still 70 miles away from outer-space, but that doesn’t make this ride any less awesome. By 2016, World View plans on letting 8 passengers take a 4 hour round trip into “space.” The travel capsule will ascend for about 1-1/2 hours before reaching its desired height, and will then slowly descend back to Earth giving riders breathtaking views on both ends of the spectrum.

World-View-Outer-Space-Balloon-Capsule-Ride-3 World-View-Outer-Space-Balloon-Capsule-Ride-4 World-View-Outer-Space-Balloon-Capsule-Ride-5

  1. December 11th, 2013

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