D.I.G.I.T. Digital Mirror Display By Teehan and Lax Labs

Picture 19

‘D.I.G.I.T’, the digital mirror by toronto-based design studio teehan+lax labs is a camera feed built from 48 individual, and seven-segment panels that render graphics within the constraints of simple computing. Using techniques such as ASCII and typewriter art, the panels are determined with a single arduino micro-controller and receives commands from an open Frameworks application running on a raspberry pi computer. The system flips the LED sequence on and off depending on what it perceives as the background frame (when nobody is in front of the D.I.G.I.T unit) and the current frame during intervention. Hand motions are translated into real-time digital interactions, where numbers and symbols become kinetic silhouettes. Click on the picture above to watch the video about it.

  1. November 25th, 2013

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