Lets Make The Piano Gangster Again.

While drawing out the logistics on a new music project I’m taking on this holiday season, I was searching the web for some nice live covers of popular Hip Hop songs, and I came across “YoungPianoTV”.  A young kid name Lucas who seems to be able to restructure any beat (and even lyrical notes) on his piano.  Exhibiting a great ear for the composition of a song, all his covers are spot on recreations of the tracks he’s emulating.  I definitely recommend taking a look at his expansive library of Top 40’s covers, and don’t forget to hit his facebook page.  Props to you Lucas.

    • MU
    • December 2nd, 2011

    Junge Du hast es einfach nur drauf!Unbeschreiblich gut!!!Jedesmal wenn ich Deine Musik höre…wird einem ganz anders!
    Ich muss Dich auf jeden Fall auf meiner Hochzeit buchen …wenn ich dann auch mal heiraten sollte irgendwann!HAMMER!!!!TALENTED!!!


  1. this is really good, well done!


  1. February 4th, 2012
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