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Steve Forstner x Gravis Footwear.

Steve Forstner the German skater came together recently with Gravis Footwear to produce a super sick skate video on behalf of the shoe company.  Check the method below.

The Top Marques Monaco Line Up.

Organizers of the Top Marques Monaco event are looking to fuel Asia’s love affair with all things related to luxury when they bring their event to Macau next month.  Macau has established itself as the world’s gaming capital over the past decade, and Top Marques Macau (to be staged from November 24 to 27 at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel) will certainly give those gamblers plenty to think about.  Top Marques Monaco has been staged in April for the past eight years at that city’s Grimaldi Forum and has been labeled “The World’s Most Exclusive Auto Show” by The New York Times, and “The Greatest Show on Earth” by the Financial Times.  The event bills itself as the only “live” car show in the world as guests get a chance to test drive the motors.  On show in Monaco have been “the fastest, most technologically advanced, bespoke cars” and the event promises to bring the same formula to Asia.  There will also be the opportunity for some lucky guests to take those cars out on the road as a special 2.1-kilometer test circuit is being established around the venue.

Among the brands on show in Macau will be Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini and the event comes at a telling time for the luxury car market in the region.  After establishing itself as the world’s largest car market, China’s rapid increase in spending on cars has been tempered this year as the country’s banks tighten up on loans and after local governments started to increase road rules and regulations.  For sales of high-end cars in China, that has meant a rise in sales still of 29 percent this year, but the figure doesn’t look as flashy when put up against the rise of 48 percent seen in the luxury car market in 2010.  Running parallel to the main event will be Top Marques Watches and a Jewel Gala, showcasing limited edition, timepieces and jewelry, as well as “pleasure boats, property, art and many other stunning, bespoke luxury products,” say organizers.

Boxing In Havana.

Boxing has been a world renowned sport for generations.  Cities, and countries alike breed fighters from birth to be able to say they have the best competitors in the world.  Cuba is a region where some may not think the sport of boxing is a serious past time, but Gimnasio Rafael Trejo put up a collection of photos that prove other wise.  You may not have the best equipment in the best facilities at the disposal of the best trainers, but in Cuba, that doesn’t mean your can’t be the best.

Another Fashion Book.

Antwain Mitchell, the fashion blogger is no man to be trifled with when it comes to knowing whats fresh.  His blog Another Fashion Book has amassed a literal army of viewers, and continues to grow daily.  Being a stylist, and attending school for Fashion Merchandising has given him a unique and uncanny knowledge of style which he shares with the public every day. Recently the blog moved from Tumblr to the self enclosed site and continues to prove that Antwain is a master of his craft.  Click either of the pics to check out his new site, and see why he’s manipulating the world of fashion, post by post.

Click the pic to visit the site.

Pulteney Single Malt… The “World’s Best Whisky”.

A single malt whisky produced by a distillery in a remote part of Scotland has beaten 1,200 whiskies from around the world to be crowned World Whisky of the Year.  The Old Pulteney whisky produced by the Pulteney distillery in Wick, northern Scotland, took the top spot in Jim Murray’s respected 2012 Whisky Bible.  Despite Scotland’s reputation as the home of whisky, it is only the second time a Scottish distillery has won the coveted title.  The 21-year-old dram scored 97.5 points out of 100, equalling the best ever score achieved by a whisky in Murray’s ratings.  Whisky expert Murray tasted more than 1,200 whiskies to put together the eighth annual Whisky Bible. The Pulteney 21-year-old was one of the last whiskies to be put to the test.  Murray said:”I was on the home straight after four months of continuous tasting. By that time I was pretty sure I knew what the winner was going to be. It needed something exceptional to knock the leader off its perch.  “That’s exactly what happened. To be honest, I was amazed. I had never come across a Pulteney 21-year-old like it.”  The whisky is matured in American Oak casks and bottled at the 185-year-old Pulteney distillery which claims to be the most northerly distillery in mainland Britain.  Despite its long history, Murray said the Pulteney single malt (which sells for £75/$120 a bottle) is still largely unknown because it lacked “the financial muscle of the major whisky barons”, Murray said.  Two US bourbons were runners up in this year’s rankings. George T Stagg took the second place prize and 10-year-old Parker’s Heritage collection Wheated Mash Bourbon finished in third.

Suelyn Medeiros.

This ambitious, sweet and exotic Brazilian beauty, Suelyn Medeiros. Living most of her life in and out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she returned to the U.S to follow her big dream of becoming a doctor. Despite all the advice from friends and strangers that she should not put to waist her spontaneous personality and unique beauty and should become a Model.  In 2005 Suelyn was invited by a friend to participate in a fashion show at fashion week in NYC and there she was scouted by an agency. She began to do photo shoots and book countless jobs. Soon modeling was no longer seen as a hobby it became a career option. Suelyn was intrigued by the charming magical world of fashion.  No longer ignoring her possible star quality with her drive, and strive to succeed in something that became a new challenge she worked hard and in a little less than two years she has been on covers, various magazine spreads, swimwear catalogs, lingerie catalogs, clothing and beauty ad campaigns with the most recent L’Oreal Ad. Her interest in acting has landed her in Music videos, Commercials, TV Shows and two movies on the works. She’s been on Law & Order (one of my personal favorite shows) and featured in the movie “I Think I Love My Wife” with Chris Rock.

Behind The Scenes Of The T.I. ”I’m Flexin” Video.

Flexin’ is a urban term that can be used to describe many things, flexing muscles, initiating physical conflict, or boasting materialistic wealth.  All of these various definitions could very well be attributes of both T.I. and Big Krit, so it’s no wonder they came together to film the video for their new track “I’m Flexin”.  The official video has yet to be released, but you can check out some of the behind the scenes footage below.