The Top 50 THINGS Women Do Wrong During Sex.

This is quite a sticky subject (one I’ll probably get in a little trouble for writing about, but who cares).  And worst of all, I know all the perplexed comments I’ll get will obviously  be from women.  Women are the first to be critical about sex. “He’s too small”, “it wasn’t that good”, “he’s lucky I was drunk”, blah blah blah.  Then you’ve got the Cosmo readers who get all their info from some balding female writer at a desk somewhere who re-structures the same sex article over and over and calls it a different name for the cover of the magazine.  Reading sex articles written by a woman on how to please a man can’t help you get everything right all the time in bed.  However when I saw this list from ‘TheirToys’, I realized this is different, its concise, its informative, and best of all it’s true. Never thought I’d find a list like this.  ANY complaint I’ve EVER had about any woman I’ve ever slept with, all in one simple list.

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