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‘Welcome To My Hood’ – Official Remix Video.

During the Lil Wayne ‘I Am Still Music’ concert I attended on Easter, Weezy stopped the show and told the crowd to throw their hands up if they were raised in the hood, and I had to keep it real, be honest, and keep quiet… until my assistant started screaming, (at which point I had to break my silence tell her to shut up, because she wasn’t raised in the hood either).  But regardless of my upbringing, I still thoroughly enjoy DJ Khaled’s song ‘Welcome To My Hood”, and hearing his fully loaded remix is dope, but the video is even doper, check the method below.

The Period Remedy, A Chocolate Waterfall.

I’m sure making your way to the waterfall, you can smell the chocolate (and if you’re a girl during that time of the months, your cramps have already ceased to exist). It seemed surreal that what looked like a simple storefront could house a five ton waterfall of chocolate in the pictures, but take a look, its all true… you won’t believe your eyes when you see the madness they set up (and the souvenir you get to bring home too.)

The Illest Clock You’ll Ever See.

This unconventional looking typographic clock is a creation of Biegert & Funk, straight from Germany.  QlockTwo tells the time by illuminating words with LEDs. The clock is fitted with light sensor for automatic adjustment to ambient light. The magnetic front part can be replaced without any visible attachments so you have plenty of color choices to suite your mood.

Furiously Dangerous.

Click the pic to listen.

The ‘movie soundtrack’ single is something that producers inject into the public to boost awareness of an upcoming film.  Most of the time it doesn’t really work, or falls short of a track the general public respects as anything more than a publicity stunt.  The song “Furiously Dangerous” however is a totally different ball game.  Mr. Porter laced an energy packed beat that Ludacris, the entire Slaughterhouse team and Claret Jai totally demolish.  Click the pic to listen to the first single off the “Fast Five” soundtrack.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

Liquid Nitrogen made by Smitten Ice Cream is made on the spot and is certainly a different take on the Nitro-Ice Cream trend than Chin Chin Labs that Justinechecked out for us in London ~ that was a bit more mad scientist with lab coats and kitchen-aid mixers…  Father/Daughter team Chas Edwards and Roma Edwards, indulged my curiosity and took a bunch of awesome cell phone pics when trying out Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley, CA.  My fascination began when I saw a show about unusual cooking methods and I realized that food’s just more fun with a bit of dramatic looking crazy science.  (Especially in a shipping container.) Though apparently the made-to-order process does take some time… and it melts a bit quickly, but it does look fun.

10 Unusual T’s

Today, we can’t imagine our lives without the T-Shirt, however “t-shirt” didn’t even exist in English dictionary until the 1920′s, and only in 1960′s it became stylish  and entered the mainstream fashion.  It may be hard to believe, but up until the 1950’s, t-shirts were still considered underwear until Marlon Brando, John Wayne, and James Dean shocked Americans by wearing their “underwear” on television.  This, of course, convinced the public that it was absolutely OK to were T-Shirts, and now, after more than 50 years, there are thousands of really cool and sometimes even crazy T-shirt designs out there check the method.

Ingenious Japanese Label Design Ensures Food Safety.

Japanese design agency TO-GENKYO has designed an innovative hourglass shaped label for packaged meat which uses a special ink that changes color as ammonia is released inside the package. As the meat ages, it releases increasing amounts of the substance, obscuring the barcode at the bottom. Customers can quickly see if the meat is going bad – and when the barcode becomes completely covered, it can’t be scanned.