Henely Sequence from ‘The Social Network’.

I don’t know if you’ve been seeing the commercials around, but “The Social Network” is soon to be making its DVD debut tomorrow.  But before everyone rushes out to the store to swoop on this ‘epic achievement in story telling’ -(Thats not necessarily my opinion of the movie, but all the cool kids are saying it), I just want to highlight once scene in the movie that caught the attention of my peers and I when the movie first hit theaters.  (no spoilers ahead)  The crew race with Harvard has a musical accompaniment that makes that scene stand out from the rest of the movie like Amazon Eve in a room full of moderately tall individuals. The entire scene seems to be shot differently from the rest of the movie, and emphases the emotional significance of the race.  All in all it’s by no means the most powerful shot in the film, but its for sure one of the most bad-ass, and the song “In the Hall of the Mountain Op 23” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, accentuates the sh*t out of it.  Check the method below.

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