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Fifth Harmony – Work (Official Video).


Despite the similarities to Rihanna’s new hit ‘Work’, the Fifth Harmony track ‘Work From Home’ is a very different animal all together.  Check the method below.

Rihanna ft. Drake – Work (Official Video).


Rihanna’s “Work” video has finally arrived. The wait was refreshingly short for the newfound queen of anticipation, who’s back with the full release after teasing a clip to Twitter Friday.  “Work,” featuring Drake, is the the first single from her long-awaitedAnti, which officially debuted on Tidal Jan. 28 after months of delays. In the first half of the video, directed by Director X, Rihanna “works” her hips as hard as her vocals, grinding on the rapper amidst a dimly lit party.  But when the party ends, another video starts. The second half, helmed by Tim Erem, features just Rihanna and Drake in a pink-lit room. Check the method below.

Android Wear


Rather than build the physical smartwatch itself, the folks at Google have decided to build software to help power the hardware. The search giant calls this new technology Android Wear. While it is applicable to more than just watches, the wrist watch will be the first target for the new software. Android Wear allows you to interact with your device in a meaningful way – traffic reports on the way to work, taxi cabs within the local area, weather when you wake up in the morning, and fitness tracking among other things. Of course normal smartphone functions like music player, text messages, email, and the likes will also be controlled through Android Wear devices, all by using either your voice or the touchscreen interface. Google has already revealed that they have teamed up with some of the biggest smartphone makers in the game on the first round of wearables – brands like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Asus.

Gina Kiel Illustrations.

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Gina Kiel is an illustrator/artist based in Wellington New Zealand and she has the ability to wield both traditional and digital media in order to create impressive artwork across a seemingly impossible range of styles.

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Miss Sarah Quintal.


4fa3374518543 5010ab7d4668b 5010ac398e4a5 5010ac80d58f1I’ve been citing different models on this site for quite some time, but it’s rare that one as visually appealing as Sarah Quintal falls right into your lap. (Figuratively, not literally).  The California born model has a laundry list of interests as diverse as her photo portfolio, from riding street bikes, to phlebotomy, to tattoos.  To get a better idea of her interests and experience, check out her public page here.

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Jack Crossing Photography.

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Jack Crossing is an incredible graphic designer and photographer who honed his skills by earning a Graphic Communication major from Bath Spa University.  To some Americans, that University name may sound a bit fictitious, but as you can see from his work his skills are quite real.  From 2008 to 2013 Crossing worked at EMPIRE Design, designing Film posters and much more of his work can be seen at his website.

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Iggy Azalea – Work (Official Video)


Iggy Azalea initially hoped to drop her debut album The New Classic last year, but in the time that’s elapsed since then, the Australia native got a chance to perfect her sound, resulting in new songs her official first single, “Work.” For the video, she tells MTV News that she drew inspiration from a classic Australian comedy and from OutKast.