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Lia Sabella’s Island Suite.

As much as we’d like it to be, this isn’t a tour of Lia Sabella’s personal island suite, however, it’s something we’d love even more… Her 3rd EP “Island Suite”. The 7 track project features production primarily from ‘F1rst Class’, and is elegantly and filled out with Lia’s mellifluous singing. The songs range in topics like relationships, emotional compromise, and distressing in such a way as to connect with listeners on an emotional level, leaving them feeling relaxed. From the beautiful imagery to the quality of sounds, and fluidity of the entire project, “Island Suite” is one to definitely lay back and relax to, no matter what you may be feeling inside. Take a listen to “Vacation” below, just for a taste of an EP that is for sure to be on repeat in your headphones soon.

Click any of the photos to stream or download the entire R&B project produced by F1rst Class, and once again, beautifully sung by Lia Sabella. If the sultry sounds of this EP don’t leave you in a great place wherever you are, they will definitely make you want to take a getaway… Just look at how relaxed she looks.

Take Some Lessons From A Winner.

Every once in a while, people drop something, quickly catch it before it hits the ground, and feel a split second of coolness that happened that way.  But when you have skills like Thomas Becker, things like that are only the top of the iceberg.  His “A Normal Day” videos are blatant violations of the word impossible.  Doing all sorts or ridiculous tricks like throwing toast across the kitchen and having it land perfectly in the toaster, or hurling a rolled up newspaper directly into the mailbox might not sound too hard in theory, but watch the video below to see just how cool it looks.  Winning.

Patience Productions is Thomas Becker and Sebastian Stahlhofen. We first came up with idea for “A Normal Day” at the beginning of 2006. Since then, we produced three videos in the “A Normal Day” series and have turned the project into a hobby. To perform the tricks, it takes a great deal of creativity and skills. Therefore we do not claim to master the tricks at all times. Instead, we’d like to show that impossible tricks are still possible to perform.

C.I. Bang ft. Karasi & Sideshow – Winning.

Click the pic to listen.

C.I. Bang is back at it again along with Karasi and Bay Area producer Sideshow.  The new single off the mixtape “The Process”, features production and a chorus by Sideshow, along with samples quoted from the infamous Charlie Sheen.  Both Bang and Karasi demonstrate incredible lyrical talent, and it all comes together on a track that is the first of many bangers on C.I.’s dedication mixtape.  Click the pic to download.