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Rick Ross In Africa.

Video blogs are rising in popularity, especially with those who travel.  Ricky Rosay like most rap celebrities has been all across the globe and back, and his most recent trip to Africa was documented in true video blog fashion.  Check the method below.

Rick Ross in Boston & P.A.

The ‘I Am Still Music’ tour has been a massive hit all over the country, and Rick Ross has been keeping a video blog of all his memorable locations since the beginning.  I found this particular “episode” a tad fascinating because there are a few segments of Rosay walking around Best Buy, and meeting up with Bam Margera.  (Random, but true.)  And I was very impressed with the fact that Ross was both well aware of the death of Ryan Dunn, and more than willing to help out with a charity being set up in his memory.  Check the method below.