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Star Wars, Lego, USB Drives?


When it comes to USB drives, they’re a necessity in most industries, but the style, size and design can vary wildly.  This USB 2.0 flash drive comes with a 4 gigabyte large storage capacity and a design that may bring the thoughts to a certain golden shiny protocol droid from the Star Wars saga.


Portable USB Powered Humidifier


This portable USB-powered humidifier from Satechil attaches to the top of your bottled water, instantly creating richer and cleaner oxygen for you to inhale. The humidifier does promises to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the air. And since it’s portable, you can bring it with you wherever there’s a need for superior oxygen.

Portable-USB-Powered-Humidifier-1 Portable-USB-Powered-Humidifier-2 Portable-USB-Powered-Humidifier-5 Portable-USB-Powered-Humidifier-6

PIAB | Bluetooth Speaker And FM Radio


PIAB by SoulElectronics is an all-in-one multimedia speaker. It has all that you’d expect from a good wireless speaker, that why it’s titled as “Party in a box”. It is loaded with 8 speakers – Side firing dual 6.5” subwoofers, 3” midrange speakers and 1” tweeters Front firing dual 1.5” midrange drivers. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity users can place their iPhones/iPod or iPad at the dock to play sound directly. Other options include FM Radio, analog VU meter , karaoke & PA capability, Equalizer, headphone port, USB, HDMO and a mic for recording.

Soul-Bluetooth-Speaker-and-FM-Radio-2 Soul-Bluetooth-Speaker-and-FM-Radio-1

The Flip Headphones


The Flip is a hybrid speakers and headphones concept, something that is getting very popular these days. With two modes to use them, the flick of a switch allows you to stream music straight into your ears or share it with friends. Both modes work with your devices using a headphone jack or USB, depending upon how you want to go about it.

flip2 flip3 flip4

The Heart Beat Watch.

How healthy is your heart? Well even if you hate amazing beats, and even if you’ve got some sort of terrible heart condition, you can glance with glee at this fabulous watch by Seahope: the “Heart Beat Watch” It’s got so many LED lights on it you wont know what to do with yourself. Perhaps tell the watch where to start? You’ve got LEDs spiking in all the right places. Your heart will soon be prone to swoon over it.  The series of LED lights on this watch are meant to mimic an EKG spiking right at the right time. There is no real electrocardiogram system on this watch, but father time might know where his heart is when you’ve got it on your wrist. One minute is then shown on the sub LED screen below.

Two modes can be chosen.

1. Normal LED watch mode, which lights up on your command, only for a moment so as to save power.

2. Always on, which of course is for when you want to constantly stare at the time all day, which is approximately the amount of time the watch stays charged if you run it non-stop.

And, AND, you know how most watches, when they run out of power, you’ve got to buy a whole new battery for? Not this one. This one charges via USB.

Hold Em’ Down, Light Em’ Up.

USB thumb drives are everywhere. Many people have more than one and they’re easy to lose because of their small size. The Candle Holdem comes with 5 USB thumb drives with keychain attachments. When you plug one in, an LED lights up. From a distance, if you plug in all 5, they look like a set of candles. Now you will always know where to put your thumb drives and keys.

YUBZ – USB Skype Phones.

If you’re like me, you sometimes get that nostalgic feeling for picking up the phone your mum had in your kitchen growing up.  But in the constant struggle to find a phone small enough so you can’t see it in your pocket when you leave the house, you probably forgot how comforting it was to cradle a phone between your ear and shoulder and talk for hours.

Now YUBZ has designed a USB Skype phone for computers and mobile phones. “YUBZ TALK ONLINE” works with most PC’s and Mac’s ($44.95) because it comes with VOIP plug-and-play technology in black, red, white and yellow. For the same price you can also get the “YUBZ TALK MOBILE” in 10 different colors.  It’s designed to attach to most mobile phones.

The USB Watch.

The USB Watch is a simple way of carrying your memory stick in style. A 10-minute romp with the computer charges it enough to tell you the correct time for a week. What’s more, every time you hook it up it syncs in automatically with the computer’s time. The LED display shows you the current memory status at the touch of a button. I think it’s a clever integration of functionality and utility.

The Crypteks USB Drive.

With the increasing use of portable data devices, keeping your data private has become quite hard.  I often forget and leave my USB at the office or at friends’ houses, fortunately I don’t have much private data on my USB drive but a lot of people do.  For those people the Crypteks USB Drive is the perfect solution.

The Crypteks USB Drive comes in a very stylish cylinder shaped package that not only provides digital security but also physical security.  The physical security is provided by a five ring combination lock, each ring contains 26 letters and one symbol for a total of 14,348,907 combinations.  If someone got their hands on your Crypteks USB drive, it’ll take them quite a long time to just open the case and get to the USB stick which protects your data with another layer of security in the form of a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, which is a U.S. approved standard for up to “Top-Secret” data encryption.

The Crypteks USB Drive is made out of anodized solid-aluminum and measures approximately 3.1” in length and 1.1” in height.  The project is currently in the concept stage at, the initial goal for pledges was $12,000 but that number has already been surpassed and currently stands at over $33,000.  You can pre-order a Crypteks USB drive starting at $130 for 8 GB and $160 for 16 GB model at

Tripple Your Storage Space.

‘Detach’ is a portable hard disk with three USB Sticks integrated into it. Each stick has its own unique appearance and memory capacity. The idea is to use it as one single memory drive or as individual modules, giving you the ultimate portable HD.  In other words, simple living for a complex worker.

The Continuance System.

This is so simple. Continuance is a set of batteries with a USB interface on the side. The batteries are rechargeable plus dole out some juice to stranded gadgets that are starved of power. Handy, compact and a totally do-able concept. Kudos.