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Looping Bridge

Looping-Bridge02 Looping-Bridge01

Adnan Alagic, Bojan Kanlic and Amila Hrustic won the competition for the design of the looping bridge five years ago while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. Called ‘Festina Lente’, which in Latin means ‘make haste, slowly’, the looping bridge spans 38 metres over the Miljacka river and loops-the-loop in the middle to create a shelter with two seats. ‘The basic idea of the bridge is the union of the secular and spiritual,’ explain the designers. ‘The loop on the bridge is a symbolic gate,’ they add.

Looping-Bridge03 Looping-Bridge04 Looping-Bridge05 Looping-Bridge06 Looping-Bridge07

b.FUNK – Bust A Move (Live).

The recording artist known as B.C. has been pumping out musical mastery for years now.  But with the advent of the band b.FUNK, the tunes coming out of New Jersey have been much more melodic and mellifluous than they have been in years.  b.FUNK performed in Union, NJ’s Soundwaves Academy with the full band, including bongo’s and a saxophone, and tore the stage down.  Check the method below.