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I’m In L.A. Trick.

As I normally do for vacations, I always put up one last post so readers know why I’ve stopped posting all of a sudden.  This weekend, I’ll be at U.S.C. for homecoming once again.  And this year, (just like LAST YEAR) I’m sure things are going to be a rawkus jumble of work, fun, and excessive drinking.  So that being said, if your a religious post reader, sit tight until Monday when I can cure my soon to be hangover and get back to work.  But if your still a bit impatient, catch up with all the mischief on twitter @YoungStark where I’ll be posting up anything interesting live as it occurs.

The U.S.C., L.U.L. S.H.*.T.


So as many people know from my twitter, I took a trip to the University of Southern California to spend homecoming doing what I do best with the L.U.L.’s on campus.  My assistant and I packed up with an L.U.L. from New York to partake in the events, and what ensued was one of the most ridiculous weekends I’ve had all year.  I didn’t have a camera with me, so I did the next best thing, and documented the trip with my cell phone.  All the pictures below are in chronological order, but as you may notice, there is a lack of names, faces and explanations for whats going on in the photos.  I had to be very careful to ensure certain people’s anonymity, and protect other people’s privacy.  Many of the people in the photos have well paying jobs and that’s not something I want to screw up.  So I did the best of my ability to document everything over the weekend without airing anyone out.  Check the method, and just keep in mind there are about 100 more pictures I actually took, and anything you see was 50 times wilder in real life.