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Collected Explorations.

There’s a certain expanse of the mind that no others can see besides yourself.  (Like when you rub your eyes real hard and close them again).  That may be a crude example of this phenomenon, but there are many others.  What Wes Cockx seems to have done, is to take his unique sight and visions to create these ridiculously intrinsic yet digital art pieces.  They were all created not by just good old fashioned 2D illustrations, but with digital alchemy consisting of programs like Cinema 4D, Redshift, and the Adobe Creative Suite among MANY more. But just sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in these incredible feats for the eyes.

Heroes and Villains


Check out these amazing drawings of heroes and villains created by Josip Kelava.

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PINCH Martin Tremblay – Human Typography

PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-S-580x745 PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-N PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-R-580x745 PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-I PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-F PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-B

Martin Tremblay is a photographer from Montreal, Canada. Also known under the name of Pinch, he shoots fashion, cultural and advertising images. Today we’re featuring a serie where he used human bodies to create a typography. The alphabet with aesthetic and truth seen through the eye of a true artist.

PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-A PINCH-Martin-Tremblay-Typography-

Thriller Kebab Restaurant


Check out this concept that was created around the question of, “What if Thriller movie characters open a kebab restaurant?”. With the help of  his photographer, Onur Sozeri, Kutan Ural was able to retouch the photos and create the typography for this concept.

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Marlos Lima – Typography

Marlos Lima is a great illustrator living in Sao Paolo, Brazil. His work is quite impressive, whether it’s in the character design, cartoon creations or typographic publications.

Typographical Wax Sculptures

These typographical sculptures may look like they are carved from some precious, multi-colored stone, but in fact they are molded layer by layer out of something far more available: wax. Artist Keetra Dean Dixon in collaboration with JK Keller, have been creating these massive pieces for a number of years now. The deeply embossed typography in their work is surrounded by layer after layer of color, as if the letters are being hugged by the wax. In the a issue of 8 Faces magazine (number 5), Keetra Dean Dixon explains a bit of the process behind each piece:

We cut positive type forms and position them on the top of the grid, and we take hot wax and manually start coating all of those letterforms and catching the drips underneath in the basins. And as the layers cool, we shift the colour of the wax that we’re applying to them and we manually layer again and again until it builds up a mass of wax. […] Then we have to take the positive letterforms out of the interior of the wax piece.

Typography by Lo Siento

Spanish graphic design studio Lo Siento conceived the cover for japan’s +81 magazine, where the artist injects bubble wrap blisters with colored water to spell out the issue’s subject ‘next creativity’.  The work is amongst a diverse range of typographical explorations – moving beyond the traditional realm of 2D to design for various identities and projects. While further below, ‘4D type’ is one concept that sees the idea of lettering to become viewable from all angles, or ’empo’, which is an alphabet created as part of an identity for an osteopathy office informed by the human body. As for the album cover art for the band ‘pinker tones’, we can see the colorful use of more raised objects that create differ type designs and typographical explorations.

Creative Typography By Peter Tarka.

This typography art works was created by Peter Tarka, graphic designer from Wrocław, Poland. He has worked as an graphic designer since 2008. His works being featured in many magazines and sites about graphic design (Behance, Abduzeedo, PSDtuts and many many more). He has worked for all kinds of companies, Tarka is also member of the Slashthree, Keystone Design Union and Goverdose. Peter really knows how to deliver a strong creative typographic works.

Typography Jokes.

Gary Nicholson cooked up a design a series of posters with typographically focused puns to lift the spirits of fellow designers.  Check the method.

The Kerning Game.

Click the pic to play the game.

For those of you who don’t know what kerning is, Ashley F. and Reggie Sylvester HATE you.  (Just kidding).  For those of you who don’t know what kerning is, it’s the, the term kerning refers to adjusting the space between two letters.  If letters in a typeface are spaced too uniformly, they make a pattern that doesn’t look uniform enough. Gaps occur, for example, around letters whose forms angle outward or frame an open space (W, Y, V, T, L).  But learning kerning is something thats crucial for every graphic designer.  Above is a little game that help you get your kerning act together.  Even if you’ve never been a graphic design major, check it out, and see how good you are at it.  Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters.  Your solution will be compared to a typographer’s solution, and you will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it. Good luck.

Visualizations of Your Favorite Music Lyrics.

Mico Toledo is a graphic designer who loves typography and music. Combing those two loves, he has started a project entitled “Music Philosophy,” in which he creates a weekly visual interpretation of philosophical song quotes. As Mico points out on his website, these poster designs look great as iPhone desktop wallpapers, and are available for free download on his site. (They also come as silkscreened t-shirts.)

A Quick And Comprehensive Guide To Type.

The Illest Clock You’ll Ever See.

This unconventional looking typographic clock is a creation of Biegert & Funk, straight from Germany.  QlockTwo tells the time by illuminating words with LEDs. The clock is fitted with light sensor for automatic adjustment to ambient light. The magnetic front part can be replaced without any visible attachments so you have plenty of color choices to suite your mood.

A Real Life Photoshop Tool.

This is to all my graphic design, or photo students at art schools all around the world…. Don’t you wish sometimes you could use Photoshop tools in real life?  Magic erase your room mate, use the liquify effect to make girls tits bigger, or turn the Gaussian Blur down to 0.0 pixels when you have a hang over in the morning.  Well we’re a bit far off from things being that easy, but this new sensor pen is one of the closest things to the Color Sampler tool anyone’s come ever before.  Check the method below.

The Number Of Letters. Simple Graphic Design.

Both my assistant and my best friend are typography experts, and that leads to certain things rubbing off on me.  The love of intricate simplicity in relation to type is one of those things.  The piece “Letters by the Number” effectively demonstrates how you can take a simple concept like the alphabet and turn it into a creative work on typography and graphic design.  Check the method below.

Kenetic Typography.

This Kinetic Typography project was created from dialogue from Conan O’Brien’s final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this dialogue he describes his feelings about NBC and the situation at hand. His personality exudes positivity and humor and this dialogue describes his character very well. Even through the hardships of leaving NBC he promotes hard work and kindness.

The concept behind this video is to show Conan O’Brien as a solid wall and a monumental entertainer. Also portrayed is the relationship between old and new. This comparison shows the idea of a span of time. Conan O’Brien is and will continue to be seasoned television entertainer. This concept was achieved by creating a literal wall out of over 60 individual typographic layouts. These layouts reference a variety of vintage type designs. The combination of vintage styled type layouts and the sleek 3d look achieved in Cinema 4D allow the wall to seem both old and new. This contrast emphasizes time and creates a sturdy and timeless object which is the perfect metaphor for Conan O’Brien.