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Skating MIA.

SkatingSkateboarding is easily one of the most dangerous common activities to participate in on this little big planet we call Earth. But it’s also one of the coolest, most exhilarating sports to take part in.  The only thing cooler than skateboarding is skateboarding in the city of Miami with hot girls, yachts, bright skies and crisp waters surrounding you.  In a recent video shot for the skate team Asphalt Yacht Club, the crew takes on Miami, FL, and shows you exactly how much fun you can have with a couple of skateboards, girls and boats.  We personally think they should’ve used Will Smith‘s hit song “Miami”in the video, but the music they chose will do for now. Watch the team land some pretty impossible skate tricks that make the sport look entirely too easy. Check the method below.

Customized Audi R8 Razor GTR

supercar-600x305 jon-olsson-audi-r8 jon-olsson-audi-r8-2 jon-olsson-audi-r8-3 jon-olsson-audi-r8-5

In the skiing world Jon Olsson is known for innovating new tricks, in the automotive world he’s known for taking supercars through weather that might make some SUV drivers cringe. Olsson took delivery of his newest toy, a full-carbon PPI Automotive Design Audi R8 Razor GTR sporting his signature roof box. The R8 V10 sports a complete carbon fiber widebody that weighs in at a scant 1,320 lbs or so. In total, the PPI Design transformation shaves over 550 lbs from the R8′s body, while power upgrades from PPI and Statis should have Olsson’s car over the 710-hp mark. He also opted for a set of ADV.1 wheels for each corner of the R8.


Dual Snowboards

This snowboard is cut in the half making two boards for both feet. It is not just unusual and funny things but also it gives new possibilities for turning, jumping, sliding freely and the freedom to walk and maneuver like a normal human. Check out the video.

How To: Seamlessly Switch Between DJ’s In The Club.

I’ve been working at my craft for the better part of a decade now, and it’s my firm belief that certain things should be mastered pretty early in the game.  Changing DJ’s should always be a seamless transition.  (By seamless, I mean the crowd should have no idea anything happened other than seeing some drunk girl spill a appletini on herself.)  But the more clubs I frequent in my city, I realize that this may be a more difficult task for some DJ’s than it should be.  Below is a video by DJ TechTools on how to make transitions between DJ’s, and if any one of the DJ’s from ‘Recess’ last night is reading this… PLEASE watch this video.

Take Some Lessons From A Winner.

Every once in a while, people drop something, quickly catch it before it hits the ground, and feel a split second of coolness that happened that way.  But when you have skills like Thomas Becker, things like that are only the top of the iceberg.  His “A Normal Day” videos are blatant violations of the word impossible.  Doing all sorts or ridiculous tricks like throwing toast across the kitchen and having it land perfectly in the toaster, or hurling a rolled up newspaper directly into the mailbox might not sound too hard in theory, but watch the video below to see just how cool it looks.  Winning.

Patience Productions is Thomas Becker and Sebastian Stahlhofen. We first came up with idea for “A Normal Day” at the beginning of 2006. Since then, we produced three videos in the “A Normal Day” series and have turned the project into a hobby. To perform the tricks, it takes a great deal of creativity and skills. Therefore we do not claim to master the tricks at all times. Instead, we’d like to show that impossible tricks are still possible to perform.

Skateboard Stuntin’.

A soundtrack is often one of the most important, yet overlooked part of any movie.  No matter what the film is about, the music and timing of said music is crucial.  That being said, it’s pretty obvious that when the right piece of material has the right music behind it, things blend mellifluously, and there’s no better example of this than the Rebelo FF I came across a few days ago.  The skate tricks these kids pull off are top notch, all played over a very unexpected piece of music that (to me) makes the finished flick far more dope.

15 Of The Best Black And White Photos.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words.  A photograph however is also worth the time, effort, conceptual vision, and execution that the photographer put into it.  Black and white photography seems to have a special grit to it that not too many other styles can capture, which makes them a bit more gripping when on display.  I know I’ve covered several different sets of stunning black and white photographs before, but the selection I stumbled on recently left me needing to put them up.  So check the method.

Rodney Mullen: Like A Boss.

Skateboarding has been around for quite some time.  Thats no mystery.  But just how good some pro skaters were back in the day is something I never thought of until I peeped this video from Rodney Mullen circa 1984.  Forget his ridiculously high shorts, look past his giraffe-neck-length socks, and peer not into pseudo bowl cut… Regardless of the old school nature of the video, Mullen still does his thing… Like a BOSS.

Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home.

So, I feel like drinking and entertaining a crowd with music are the two of the three things I’ve found out its very hard to school me on, but out side of those areas, I’m always open learning more about anything.  So when I got school recently on what “impressive BMX” really looks like, I wasn’t really upset.  I posted up a video on BMX tricks not too long ago, and my boy Eddy promptly showed me a video from Danny MacAskill.  This kid pulls some mind blowing stunts with so much ease, its retarded.  Check the method below.

Super-Sick BMX

I specialize in club events, but it’s always been a prospective project of mine  of mine to host/sponsor a skate or BMX competition, so when I decided to take the concept a little further, the first step was research.  Upon my search, I came across one of the sickest BMX videos I’ve seen to date.  Check the method below.

Fresh Skate Video.

Every so often I’ll get the random urge to jump on a skateboard (and inevitably hurt myself).  But since I’ve got many big events coming up, (330 Ritch, University of Southern California, Otis, Dominican University, Sutra, The Hip Hop vs. Couture Show, and the Rockit Scientists Release Party) all before the end of the year, I figured I’d just watch some dope skate videos instead of breaking my wrist and having to spend the rest of the year on the bench.  So after hours of preening through different skate videos, I found one that (to ME) is one of the most impressive trick videos I’ve come across in quite some time.  Check the method below.