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Can You Translate Engrish Properly?

In the 2000 American version of “Godzilla”, the big lizard got his name from a misnomer of the words “Go-Jira”.  In the movie they were trying to make the point that it may be a bit difficult to translate from Japanese to English.  However, they never made the point that sometimes it might be hard there other way around.  Here’s a visual tribute to the ineptitude of the translation skills of the land of the rising sun and other Asian countries.  (For some reason, images on this list keep intermittently glitching, doubling up or disappearing. Rest assured that I’m constantly rectifying this issue, so if you encounter it, it should be fixed within the hour or so..)

A Rap Freestyle Battle Translated.

I’ve been involved in some pretty ridiculous conversations in the past, but one of the best in recent memory was trying to explain to someone what the point of freestyle battling was.  My friends and I tried to explain to a colleague that the art of matching wits with a competitor intellectually was something that other cultures have done for years.  The killer was that we found a skit on Funny or Die of what a Rap Battle might sound like if were translated for the general public.  Regardless of the tags on the video, the original battle is between Dose and Math Hoffa from S.M.A.C.K. DVD.  But the translated version is hilarious none the less.

The World’s Hardest Language to Learn.

For whatever odd reason, be it, Indiana Jones, X-Men: First Class, Sucker Punch, or Knight and Day, it seems like so many movies I’ve watched over the past week are popping up with sections of the movie in German. That made me ask, “What is the hardest language to learn?”. They will then find that the answer is a complicated one. This is because the answer is subjective (opinion) and also depends on what your native language is.  While no language is simple to learn, those that are more closely related to your native language are going to be easier. Learning a completely different and exotic writing system can also be a big challenge, but that does not necessarily make a language more difficult.

Since it’s impossible to say with certainty that there is a language that qualifies as “most difficult”, we’ve provided a handy infographic below that will give you a general idea of difficulty of the most common languages. The statistics and rankings included are provided by the the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US Department of State and are intended for native English speakers.