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Don’t Be Afraid To Fall. Duckwrth Is Back.

“Fall Back” may be one of Duckwrth’s finest productions yet.  Before I expand, take a listen to the song below.  Duckwrth as successfully don’t a feature with HIMSELF.  Over an aggressive beat produced by ‘Two Fresh Beats”, the song seems as if features multiple artists based on the pitch and tone of his bars.  But his aggressive nature, and smooth tones in the same song are quite unique, It engages the listener in a way that Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Mad City” do as well.

DevGotCharacter ft. JShades – Summer Time.


The newest release from DevGotCharacter feels like the perfect track to listen to at 10pm, driving through downtown with the top down, on your way to pick up your significant other.  The song Summertime, featuring a classic sounding hook, and quite the impressive verses from JShades, is only the first release from Dev’s mixtape “Words With Friends”.  The Chromatix produced beat makes the perfect home for Dev’s complex and concise flow.  If ‘Summertime’ is the first of the tracks off “Words With Friends”, we can expect great things from the full tape.  Check the method below.


Young Chizle Ft. Wizzo Mack – Ridin And Smokin (Official Video).


Oakland Native, and good friend Young Chizle along with Wizzo Mack have debuted their latest video.  The track ‘Ridin & Smokin’ perfectly exemplifies the type of song you want to hear, cruising down the streets of Oakland, regardless of where you’re going.  Make sure to take a listen below and stay tuned for more from Young Chizle, on the Hot New Dope Show on on Thursdays in 2016.

Meanwhile… Back At Drake’s House (Back to Back).


I was having a conversation earlier in the week with my good friend and producer Masna, about Drake’s semi-response to Meek Mills’ accusations of Drizzy’s lyrics on Meeks album being ghost written. I personally thought his first response was a bit soft served. A rapper who built a career around “Diss me, and you’ll never hear a reply for it.” finally straight up disses someone one, but it was only a few subliminal bars that rang through on a mellow “not addressing the subject” feel.  What I told Manni is that Drake should have come full force in his response, a blistering rebutle of indictments oozing with ferocity… And then he did. Take a listen to October’s Very Own’s second diss track titled “Back to Back” and sound off on what you think.

The Dreamiest Corvette Of Them All.

Corvette-Z06-Stingray-600x400 Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-interior-600x342

GM’s flagship supercar, the first headline unveiling of this year’s Detroit Motor show, potentially has enough in the tank to challenge anything from Ferrari or Lamborghini.  The Z06 may look a lot like the standard Stingray, which itself was officially unveiled at the 2013 event, but it is extremely different where it counts most, under the hood.  The extra power is thanks to a lightweight but potent supercharger that forces the car’s 6.2-liter V8 to pump out over 625hp. Making sure that the car doesn’t disintegrate under that extra performance are aluminum cylinder heads and titanium intake valves. Chevrolet has even taken a leaf out of its European competitors’ books and reexamined the engine’s weight, rods and pistons.

Corvette-Z06-600x400Making sure that power doesn’t disappear in an automatic gearbox’s torque converter, the Z06 will be coming with a seven-speed manual transmission as standard. However, for those that like the full track-day effect, an eight-speed paddle shift unit will also be an optional extra.  But maybe the best thing is that because the new car is so rigid, the roof panel can still be removed for open air motoring without turning the car into the automotive equivalent of jelly. However, Chevrolet points out that there will still be a slight difference in handling when the panel is out.  Potential owners will be happy to hear that the extra rigidity and performance has been paired with bigger brakes and with Chevrolet’s Magnetic Selective Ride Control dampers (an option on the standard Stingray) which will be fitted as standard on the Z06 when it appears in dealerships in 2015.


Jennifer Hudson Ft. T.I. – I Can’t Describe


Jennifer Hudson opens the floor to some smooth two-stepping on her latest offering “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel),” featuring T.I. On the Pharrell-produced disco-vibe track, Hudson maintains her vocal prowess while spreading love insisting, “it feels so good it hurts.”

McLaren P1 Broke Record on The Nürburgring Ring


A video posted to YouTube shows the UK supercar company’s latest flagship, the P1, setting an unbelievable lap time of just 6 minutes 47 seconds. If true, then that would make the P1 the fastest street-legal production car in history to lap the historic and terrifying circuit, known in the trade as the Green Hell. The 12.8-mile (20.6km) undulating track has in recent years become the proving ground for any car with sporting aspirations. As a result, those that know base their supercar and hypercar buying decisions not on acceleration or top speed, but on that all-important lap time. Currently the production car lap-time record is held by the equally rare and exotic Porsche 918 Spyder. In September it became the first such car to lap the circuit in less than seven minutes, posting a confirmed time of six minutes, 57 seconds. To put that into perspective, the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 managed it in seven minutes 19 seconds and the mighty Ferrari Enzo in seven minutes and 25 seconds. All of which would make the McLaren time — it shaves a whole 10 seconds off the record — even more remarkable.

Rob Scott – Run Around


There have always been different types of artists in the industry. Some over-saturate the market with tracks and features to avoid feeling less relevant, and other who wait strategically in hopes that the timing of their release boosts the reach of a track. Robb Scott seems to fall into a different category all together, because no matter when he releases a song, people flock to it because of it’s quality, not simply because it showed up on top of a twitter feed at the right time. The consistency of which Mr. Scott continues to put out unique, memorable, and innovative songs is a testament to the résumé behind him as well as the incredibly promising future ahead of him. Check out the newest edition to his musical collection titled “Run Around”.

DJ Fresh & Mindtunes – A Track From The Mind.

a-beautiful-mind_2001-3-1920x1080The photo above is from the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, which is the first thing that sprung into my head after watching the video below.  A group of scientists and musicians get together to create a system that allows one to create music with only the mind.  “Creativity can’t be taught, it’s already there, inside every one of us.”

Flo Rida Ft. Future – Tell Me When You Ready


Future’s hook writing ability has made him one of the most sought after rappers in the game. Here, Flo Rida taps the ATL rapper for his track, “Tell Me When You Ready.”

Redman – Hurricane Sandy Relief Freestyle

Redman shows his support for the victims of Hurricane Sandy with this new freestyle. Listen to the track below.

Lil Wayne vs. Pusha T.

Drake: “Are you sure you wanna diss him?”

In my community, the barber shop is normally a place where men go, and engage in conversation about whatever, and over at my boy Q’s place, discussions about the rap game are as common as hair on the floor.  Lil Wayne and Pusha T are both miraculous lyricists, but its a well known fact that Lil Wayne doesn’t normally engage in beef.  Today however, I got an earfull of Weezy taking a wide open shot at Pusha in a new freestyle above.  Below is another new release from Lil Tunchi incase you’re not interested in the beef.

Asher Roth – Outside.

Asher Roth drops this new track today via Tumblr titled ‘Outside’ for this Sunday. His album This Is Too Orange is on the way. In the meantime, check out ‘Outside’ below.

Iggy Azalea ft. T.I. – Murda Buziness.

During my tracking session with DJ Jeff Phantom last night, I stumbled across a song that struck me as kind of odd.  Not odd in a bad way, but I just could not let the entire song finish.  About half way through T.I.’s verse on Iggy Azalea’s ‘Murda Buziness’, I just kept starting the song from the beginning, over and over again.  With a wild beat produced by Bei Maejor, this track found a way to fly to the top of my favorite track list before the first time I even listened to the entire thing.  Check the method below.

Busta Rhymes ft. Twista – Can You Keep Up.

The two mega mavericks of the fast spitting lyrical style, Busta Rhymes and Twista, have come together again on the track “Can You Keep Up”.   As you can assume by the styles of both lyrical dynamos, the entire track is performed in a ‘mile-a-minute’ style, while a bit hard to understand… is still very impressive.  Check the method below.

The Bobby Effect – Eazy (Eazy E Tribute).

The Bobby Effect has been blowing up in the bay faster than folks can keep track of.  With her videos and freestyle are being talked about by everyone locally and abroad, it’s no wonder her new tribute track to Eazy E is making a splash.  Take a look at the video below.

The 2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Ferrari has recently released a new video with the F12 Berlinetta hitting the track, after the supercar was officially presented to the public at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The newest supercar in Ferrari’s lineup, the F12 Berlinetta, 599 GTB’s successor is once again placed into the spotlights, and after the automaker showed us just a day before how the model came to life, this time the F12 Berlinetta is going around the track, proving its skills, its racing pedigree and revealing that wonderful engine sound.


The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which is the fastest ever road-going car made by the company, is powered by a 6.3 liter V12 engine, developing a total output of 730 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque, out of which 80 percent is available from only 2,500 rpm. Ferrari says that the F12 Berlinetta can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.5 seconds, before hitting a top speed of 340 km/h.

According to the Italian based automaker, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a result of the collaboration between Ferrari Styling Centre and Pininfarina. More details on the newest Ferrari supercar will be announced close to its launch.


Controlled Quantum Levitation = Real Life Video Games.

I hope almost everyone remembers the epic video game Wipe-Out.  Basically you flew around on floating ships and raced on ridiculously gravity defying track in a futuristic world that made you wonder “when will people ever be able to actually do this?”  Luckily for the kids out there that had this thought in their heads… The brilliant minds over at the Japan Institute Of Science and Technology have used Quantum Levitation to create a scale model track.  Quantum Levitation is something I’ve covered in a previous post, and its wild to see just how fast this advancement is taking strides forward.  In the nearer future, we just might see a breakthrough in transportation.   Check the method below.

Watch The Throne Illustrations.

The Watch The Throne album has been on a media rampage since it’s release, and with the nationwide tour now underway, things for Kanye and Jay-Z are looking amazing.  However, there are a few more things that look even more amazing.  The other night, I saw a collection of illustrations that were based off the ‘Watch The Throne’ playlist (unfortunately I couldn’t get any information on the actual illustrator, but if you know who he/she is, please let me know).  Each song has its own unique illustration that depicts the title of the song.  I’ll start you with a hint… the first picture is for ‘Otis’.  Lets see how well the ‘WTT’ fans can pick out the rest of the pictures.

Ludacris – Big Bada Boom.

Beef in Hip Hop is something that has been around since the beginning and will continue to be around until the end.  Essentially all beef boils down to, is not liking someone, which happens in the real world all the time.  You may have a gripe with a co-worker, a slight inclining of hatred for your brother in law, or a discontent with someone you did a favor for.  When it’s in Hip Hop, you have massive celebrities who are known all over the world sending messages that can be heard by millions, so things tend to be a bit more intense.  I personally have no idea why Ludacris went after Big Sean with his newest track ‘Bada Boom’, but it seems to have people talking. (I’ve also heard through the grapevine that Luda is also taking shots at Drake with this song, but I don’t see how).  Take a look and give some feedback on Luda’s video for ‘Bada Boom’.

Ludacris – Can You Buy That?

Click the pic to listen.

Ludacris has always been an artist I’ve had a lot of respect for, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  His newest release “Can You Buy That” is essentially another bragging rights track about what he has that most don’t.  This theme may seem a bit old or monotonous by now, but the beat, and a chorus laced with the sample “mutha f*cka can you buy that?!” has an interesting Kanye West type of feel to it that gives the song a unique edge.  His lyrics are sharp as ever, (he even quotes ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Street Fighter’) and weather you like the subject matter or not, this track is a good one.  Click the pic above to take a listen.

Pac Div ft. Asher Roth – Useless.

Click the pic to listen.

The first time I remember seeing Pac Div was on the ‘Great Hangover’ Tour with Asher Roth, and the entire show they put on was praiseworthy.  So seeing Asher and the Pac on the same track doesn’t come as a surprise, what may surprise some is why they haven’t done this a million times before.  Click either of the pics to take a listen to the lyrical banger ‘Useless’.

Click the pic to listen.

Araab Muzik In The Studio With ASAP Rocky.

It’s no secret that as a studio engineer, I’m enthralled by the creative process that goes down in the music studio.  It shouldn’t be a secret that ASAP Rocky and Araab Muzik are 2 of Hip Hop’s growing generation of young and talented artists, so getting to see a little bit of the magic that goes down between them at Quad Studio’s in NY is for sure something I wanted to share.  Check the method below.

Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – A$$.

Click the pic to listen.

From the second this song begins, I start laughing uncontrolably.  I’m not sure if its the fact that Big Sean just repeats the word “ass” way too many times in this song, or if it’s the insane re-imagination of MC Hammer’s classic song sampled for this track.  But whatever reason it’s a laugh out of respect, ‘A$$’ is a truly entertaining song that would undoubtedly tear up the club if it gets past the politics of the music business and gets some air play.  Props to Big Sean for one of the funniest lines in a song I’ve heard in a while… “Drop that ass, make it boomerang.  (I’ll) take my belt off, B*TCH I’M POOTY TANG.”

Lamborghini Is Moving To China?

China looks set to claim another crown in the battle for supremacy in the luxury markets of the world as the country’s interest in supercars continues to grow.  China knocked the United States off its perch as the world’s leading car market two years ago – sales there now surpass 18.26 million units per year.  It seems that tastes in the country are turning now to the very high-end of the auto market, an area long dominated by the Americans.  Italian carmaker Lamborghini says it sold 138 cars in mainland China over the first six months of this year – a 60 percent rise from the same period last year – and the company believes it will move more than 300 cars “at the least” by the end of 2011.  The rise in sales comes after Lamborghini moved 206 cars in China last year, a 150 percent rise from 2009.  Last year in the US, Lamborghini sold 290 cars (out of 1,302 units worldwide) and with the Italian carmakers – now part of Volkswagen’s luxury Audi unit – expecting sales in China to surpass 500 per year in the near future, there’s little doubt where the center of the supercar world is now heading.  Lamborghini currently has nine dealerships/showrooms in China but plans to have 20 open and operating by the end of the year.  The carmaker is now waiting for the roll-out of its new 12-cylinder, 700-horsepower Aventador model – priced on the mainland at 6.28 million yuan (678,000 euros) – and already there are 200 pre-orders in from China, according to the company.  According to research carried out by the company, mainland Chinese owners of Lamborghinis are on average the youngest in the world at 35.  “They are self-made men. They are very young but in China most of the money is young,” a spokesperson from the carmaker told the SMP recently.  A procession of the world’s leading luxury carmakers are expanding throughout the Chinese market. According to motor industry watchers IHS Automotive, luxury car sales in China should top 909,900 units this year – up from 727,200 units last year.  The world’s largest luxury carmaker – BMW AG – says it has moved 121, 614 cars in China this year (up 60.8 percent), while Mercedes-Benz says it has sold just over 95,030 cars there this year, already up 59 percent from 2010.