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Throwback Thursday – Ice Cube: Death Certificate.


VinRican of Power 106 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate” by showcasing classic samples used on the album.

Throwback Thursday Video.


The ‘Throwback Thursday’ videos have been off and on over the last two years, but this is only because they need to be the right ones.  I remember it was 2002, and I was in the back of a friends car, getting a ride home from school from some friends, when “I Know What You Want” came on New York’s ‘Hot 97’, and I screamed at the driver not to change the station.  The silky melody and sultry bass lines of the song had me instantly hooked, and the song has been literally my favorite hip hop song ever since.  Check the method and reminisce.

Lil Mama “Sausage”

The former chart-topper took a lengthy hiatus from rap to focus on her other passion: dancing. She devoted herself to being a judge for seven seasons on the reality competition series America’s Best Dance Crew. Now she finds herself once again trying to get back to the music and what brought her to the limelight in the first place: her knack for delivering catchy rhymes. With the release of her safe-sex ode “Sausage,” her first attention-grabbing single in about five years, she’s matured and giving millennials some sage advice.

“Sausage” picks up were “Lip Gloss” left off as far as simplicity goes and lyrics that you can’t get out of your head, all over a solid boom bap rhythm. However, the focus is less on looks this time. Lil Mama is promoting a more mature message of safe sex. “Eggs, bacon grits (sausage) / You better use a condom if you taking that (sausage),” she rhymes on the hook.

It becomes clear through the positive message on “Sausage” that the “VYP” has been resurrected. Lil Mama does a noteworthy job of bridging the old school with the new. The rapper uses more than a dozen sonic references of hip-hop hits old and new. The infusion of throwbacks like Slick Rick’s “Mona Lisa,” Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” and Kelis’ “Milkshake,” with contemporary tracks like Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” and Cheddar Da Connect’s “Flicka da Wrist” showcases her creativity. Mama is in touch with what’s hot right now while simultaneously being respectful of the forefathers of hip-hop who paved the way.

Throwback Thursday: Angie Martinez – Ladies Night.


There isn’t an 80’s (or 90’s) baby from New York City that didn’t hear the voice of Angie Martinez.  The queen of NY radio’s unique voice has served as that of a radio host, some of her records are some of the Tri-State’s classics.  And on this throwback Thursday, we wanted to honor the collab between Angie, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat, and Missy Elliot… Ladies night.  Check this classic below.

Throwback Thursday: G Dep ft. P Diddy, & Black Rob – Let’s Get It.


Ever since the Baauer’s Harlem Shake took the world by storm, some people have forgotten (or never knew in the first place) what the original dance looked like, or where it came from.  This week’s throwback thursday video is dedicated to the first time many of us saw the dance, and the song that made people do it in the clubs.  Check G-Dep’s “Let’s Get It”.

Throwback Music Video: Angie Martinez ft. Q-Tip – Dem Thangs.

irGrowing up in Jersey, Hot 97 was always the station playing in the car, or on the radio at home.  Anyone who’s familiar with New York’s biggest radio station knows that you can’t listen for too long without hearing the voice of Angie Martinez.  She’s blessed the radio with her talent for years, but in 2001, she took to making music of her own, and put out the single Dem Thangs, featuring Q-Tip.  No matter where in New York you go, if the people you’re with are of the right age, they’ll know this track as soon as it starts.

Throwback Video: Tweet – Oops Oh My.

Tweet’s video for her first single “Oops (Oh My),” featuring Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott. Nothing wrong with a little self love. “Oh my…”

Throwback Video: Busta Rhymes – Gimmie Some More.

I don’t specifically remember the first time I ever saw this video. I do however remember wondering if famous people really had cigars that were super huge. Since then, this video has become a classic in my book, for its insane visuals, the over-the-top fisheye lenses, and Bussa Buss doing his thing in the classic fashion that made him famous.

Throwback Video: Mobb Deep – Got It Twisted

Mobb Deep has always been a permanent fixture in the hip hop community, and when they put out ‘Amerikaz Nightmare’, they were already far along in pursuit of rap domination.  The first single off the album was named “Got It Twisted” an instant classic when played in any East Coast club.  Check the video below, and write me if you have any memories while listening to the song.

Throwback Music Video 2.

This one, just like my first throwback video (Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On) isn’t that dated.  It’s only about 8 years old, debuting in 2002, but just like ‘Get Your Freak On’, this song has some sentimental value. (I even slipped a short sample of the song into ‘Cocktails & Condoms’).  ‘I Know What You Want’ from Busta Rhymes ft. Mariah Carey & The Flipmode Squad is my all time favorite song, and I’m pretty sure I’ve almost made some babies to this track.  So when it came on just a minute ago while my iTunes was on shuffle, and I had to go and watch the video.

Throwback Video: Get Your Freak On.

So this weekend, I was chatting with my assistant, and we were discussing a trip to London I took as a young lad.  (I was about 14)  I was telling her about this massive video arcade my cousin Alexi and I went to, there was the arcade’s signature escalator, and at the top was a GIANT screen with Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” playing.  That was the first time I saw the video, and looking back at the video again, I realized that (at least to me) that video will forever be a classic.