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17 Year-Old Emcee Gets RIPPED By His High School Teacher In A Rap Battle.

Normally I’m a bit more formal than this with posts, but BRAH…  This video.  I can’t.  I will probably watch this every day for the rest of my life.  Might even rip the audio and put it on my iPod.  I can’t even pick a favorite line, it’s just too good.  Never have I ever seen a teacher/student rap battle, in the U.K., in a real battle forum, but aside all that, this video still takes the cake.  I mean given that the teacher is a famous poet, this kid had to have known he’d be getting into a legitimate battle, but ho-ly-sh*t, that mom verse?  I did not see that coming at all.  My jaw literally dropped.  So score one for the teachers.  I bet Blizzard will never act out in class again.

”Can You Lend A N*gga A Pencil?”

So, before I get into this, I just want to say to the readers, I love you guys, but please don’t start an email debate on the merits of the N word.  I already know people who stand on every side of every fence on this issue.  But this particular video is secondarily all about the use of the word, and weather a white teacher’s actions were racially driven not.  The story happened some time ago, and cause a semi-epic stir.  The reason I’M throwing it up, is because this is the funniest use of the N word by any white person I’ve ever seen in the history of my life.  Simply put… this n*gga is hilarious.  Check the method.