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Best Wins of 2013


Here is a collection of great wins of being able to perform a trick or to do something amazing while have the time of their life. From skate boarding, snowboarding, surfing, jumping or something else this video shows how talented people are if they try.

Volcom’s Floating Mini Ramp

volcom_floating_miniramp_00 volcom_floating_miniramp_03 volcom_floating_miniramp_04

French skate, surf, and snow culture magazine Desillusion have unveiled some behind-the-scenes photographs from the making of Volcom’s latest advertisement. The incredible floating mini ramp was built by Volcom for their upcoming full length movie “True To This”, which aims to capture the “energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms” and will feature skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.


Alila Hotels To Launch A Luxury Wooden Phinisi Boat

Alila Hotels & Resorts, the boutique resort company with properties in Bali and India, is planning to launch its own luxury wooden sail boat. The boat will make its inaugural voyage on Dec. 15. from Raja Ampat in Indonesia’s West Papua province and will take guests around the Indonesian islands. The sailing journey will be part of a 10-day vacation package priced at $62,000, which will include a three-night stay at the group’s villas in Uluwatu and Soori. The sailing boat, christened Alila Purnama, which means ‘The Full Moon’ in Indonesian, will have a crew of 16 and can accommodate up to 10 guests. The boat, a traditional Phinisi Indonesian two-mast sailing boat, is 46 meters long and consists of three decks. The furniture on board the ship will be custom-made from teak, rattan and other locally sourced materials from Indonesia. The Alila Purnama will have four air-conditioned cabins, each with queen-sized beds and suite bathrooms. There is also a master suite, featuring large wraparound windows with panoramic views of the sea. The luxury vessel will also feature a library, lounge, bar, an indoor dining area that can seat up to 12, and oversized daybeds in the main outdoor deck. The vessel will also offer free wifi. The luxury sailboat also has its own fully licensed PADI dive center, including equipment for kayaking, surfing, fishing and snorkeling.

Surfing With Fire.

Some surfers reach great heights. Some stay up for great distances. And some, as of just very recently, attach freaking flares to the back of their boards in a fiery cataclysm of curl. Those last ones are my favorite. Sure, it amounts to not much more than a stunt. But what a stunt, especially in the hands—and feet—of surf pro Bruce Irons, who was able not only to keep the flames out of the water but to do so in pitch darkness. As someone who can barely get in and out of the shower every morning without tripping and bashing my head against tile, I feel like Irons doesn’t just have fire riding shotgun; he may as well have invented it.

The ‘Smart’ Surfboard.

I love surfing, and as most true surfers can tell you, surfing is a sport governed by feelings.  But the driving forces behind the joint project, PUKAS and TECNALIA, aim to “turn feelings into facts and figures” and provide as yet unquantified data that can be directly applied to improve the features of surfboards, the technical performance of surfers and/or measurement of parameters during competition. Check the method below.

Surfs Up.

A few folks have asked me why I choose to throw up surfing pictures every so often, and it’s because I love to surf.  (yeah, n*ggas can surf).  Its somewhat of a hidden talent of mine, and when I see pictures as awesome as Stuart Gibson’s, I just feel the need to share them.  Usually, the most challenging circumstances in our lives bring us the most rewarding outcomes. This is certainly the case for Australian photographer Stuart Gibson. After a nasty automobile accident left him bound to plaster casts, he picked up a camera, and his life has never been the same. He is known around the globe for his print and pixel work, most people look at his work and are in absolute awe.  Check the method.

Surfin Bird.

I came across some awesome photography by Stuart Gibson capturing surfers from all over the world. The photos are all super vibrant in a way that emphasizes both the action and the beauty of the beach. Check it out.