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Dave Chappelle is BACK. (again)… (AGAIN).

It started with “The Age Of Spin”, and has spun out of control from there with the resurgence of Dave Chappelle. He’s gone from Comedy Central show host to legend as soon as he quit the Chappelle show, and seemingly out of nowhere, his return rocked the comedy scene. The promotional ads for his newest Netflix special seem to ask the same question, how do you finish a run of HOURS of comedy that has been this prolific. Since Chappelle started his first special with Morgan Freeman narrating, comedy fans and audiences alike have been waiting for an epic conclusion while never wanting them to end at the same time. Take a look as some of the promos as you may be waiting anxiously for TOMORROW, October 5th, 2021. ‘The Closer’ can only be followed by the wait for whatever Chappelle decides to do next.

The Queensland Theatre 2018.

Queensland Theatre’s 2018 Season looks to showcase a range of new, bold and exciting plays that pushed the boundaries of contemporary theatre in Australia. After working with the team on both their new brand and 2017 season, we had the chance to at how the identity might evolve and be refined for a new year.  The season leverages one of Queensland Theatre’s unique traits – the set builders and workshop housed within their building. Working alongside their team, we created eight different sets that told a key aspect of each play. We also introduced physical play titles into the sets, pushing the use of their bespoke custom typeface.
Each set was photographed in its completeness, with panels, props and actors all working in harmony to create images that were a true reflection of the effort that goes into each performance.  With Tim Jones and his team expertly lighting and shooting each of the sets, the results were a series of images that explore the subtleties of each of the plays themes, while retaining a vibrancy that spoke to Queensland Theatre’s unique identity and character.

Ekso Bionic Suit

Picture 5

Being paraplegic is a condition only those who are can understand the extent of. it Extends way beyond the body and affects all aspects of a person’s life at all times. When you are trapped in your own body, you are often forced to rely on others for the tiniest of tasks – some less pleasant to ask as a favor than others. However, the hardest deprivation mentioned by paraplegics is the inability to stand up. As a response, ekso bionics, a pioneer in the field of robotic exoskeletons has developed ‘ekso’, a wearable robot – or exoskeleton – that powers people with lower-extremity paralysis or weakness to get them standing up and walking. It is a ready-to-wear, battery-powered, bionic device that is strapped over the user’s clothing. When equipped with the assistive device, walking can be achieved by a forward lateral weight shift to initiate a step. Battery-powered motors drive the legs and replace neuro-muscular function. The first generation of ekso is intended for medically supervised use by individuals with complete or incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) or disease, and other forms of lower extremity paralysis or weakness due to multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, parksinson’s guillain barre or other neurological disease. With medical clearance, the suit can typically facilitate walking for individuals with up to C7 complete, or any level of incomplete spinal cord injury.

Picture 7 Picture 6 Picture 9 Picture 10

neurological disease

Patrice O’Neal’s Rating System For White Women.

I’ve always been an immense fan of stand up comedy.  On rainy days when people are sad, couples are cuddling, and art school girls are sitting at home drinking exotic teas, I’m normally at home, engineering music, and running a stand up comedy marathon on my big screen.  It’s just something that always puts me in a better mood.  Patrice O’Neal (rest in peace), became one of my favorites after his untimely death, but his comedy still makes me, and millions of others none the less.  In one of his many funny bits from “Elephant In The Room” he talks about missing persons, and how it it relates (in HIS head) to race, color and beauty.

Convincing Your Other Friends To Go To Comedy Shows With You.

If you’re a comedy nerd like me, then you probably have a lot of friends who don’t share the same interest in comedy as you do. If you do, please share them with me. Truth be told, most of my friends would much rather watch Teen Mom reruns when they decide to stay in on a Saturday night rather than a new episode of Saturday Night Live, which typically leads to me watching SNL in my room alone. It’s not easy trying to convince your friends or roommates to forgo watching that same Disney movie that they’ve had in the DVD player for weeks again to instead watch an In Living Color marathon with you, but sometimes it’s necessary.

The same goes for live comedy. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably missed some amazing live shows solely because you couldn’t convince any of your friends to go with you. Going alone is a totally viable option. However, you can only do that so many times before it makes you feel like a complete friend-less loser (or maybe that’s just me). Eventually, you’re going to have to cave and drag your non-comedy friends along with you, and I’m here to help.

  1. Convince your friends that [insert comedian/comedy show here] is famous. Telling your friends that you want them to go see Donald Glover isn’t going to be enough to get them to agree. Instead, approach the subject as “he’s on Community and in some movies which you probably haven’t seen.” And you’ve already caught their attention. Nobody wants to see somebody they’ve never heard of, but everybody wants the chance to see somebody famous. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.
  2. “Is it [the comedy show] funny?” Sometimes you’re going to be fielded that question by your friends. Since they see you as the comedy expert (presumably because you’re the only one of your friends who always has John Mulaney’s The Top Part in your car’s CD player instead of “Shelby’s Power Hour Mix ’07!!!”), they are going to enlist your expert opinion on the situation. The only answer, obviously, is, “Of course it’s funny. Would I really want to see it if it wasn’t?”
  3. Do something that they want to do either before or after the show. Go to Starbucks or Pinkberry with them afterwards, watch Glee with them and don’t complain about it, buy them a drink at the bar, just do something to thank them for coming with you. Adversely, if you have no soul like me, then you can also use this to guilt them into coming with you using the “But we ALWAYS do what you want to do!” routine. It’s probably better (and nicer) to go with the former, though.
  4. Start basic. If you want to start indoctrinating your friends into the wide world of live comedy, don’t take them to an amateur improv show because chances are they will never want to go to another show ever again. They didn’t ”get” any of it and now your taste in comedy is forever seen as weird and your opinion can never be trusted again. Those shows are for true live comedy aficionados only. Skip the amateur improv showcase and instead take them to a stand-up show. Stand-up is universally more relatable to everyone, even if they don’t consider themselves as being into comedy. Chances are they’ve all heard at least one Dane Cook routine, so making them sit through your favorite stand-up comic should be cake.
  5. Chloroform them and carry them into the comedy show with you. (Please don’t do this.)

If none of those tips work, then you have insufferable friends who have no concept of humor and you should probably find a new crowd to hang with. Or you could just go without them and revel in the fact that you’re having more fun without their complaining about having to miss a new episode of Jersey Shore anyway. The plight of being interested in something that only a very small niche of people are into is tough, but the best way to get through it is by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. They are out there, you just need to find them. Or chloroform them. (Again, don’t chloroform them.)

Donald Glover – Weirdo.

I’ve said publicly many a time that one of my favorite art forms is stand up comedy.  After a rough week of work, there’s nothing else that I enjoy more than just sitting down and watching stand up for hours.  This week my comedian of choice was Donald Glover, star of the show ‘Community’ who also goes by the rap alias “Childish Gambino”.  Below is his hysterical stand up titled “Weirdo”.

Eddy Murphy on Racism.

My sister Christine has always been a fan of Eddy Murphy, and my generation/age group was introduced to him in movies like ”Dr. Dolittle” and other cute family friendly movies.  But soon after I grew up, I realized that most famous comedians, (Eddy Murphy, Bob Saggat, Robin Williams, and the like) were much more ”Raw” than they seemed later in their careers.  So seeing individuals like Eddy Murphy on stage, in the production titled ”Delirious”, was at first a shock, but now that I’ve been grown for quite some time, looking back on it is just as funny as the first time.  Check the method below, and enjoy Eddy’s thoughts about racism, slavery, and everything that comes with it.

Ricky Gervais vs. Noah’s Ark.

The other day after my little incident in Emeryville with the police, I came home only to to be engaged in an annoying conversation with a disgruntled female, and afterwards the only thing I could think to bring my irritated mood, was a bit of stand up.  When I say I watch stand up, I literally mean I’ll watch no less than 5 or 6 specials from 3 or 4 comedians for 6 or 7 hours while I work at home.  One of the best acts I watched that day was a little piece from British comedian Ricky Gervais about Noah’s Ark.  Gervais has an uncanny ability to take a simple story, and point out facts that seem like they should be obvious in a way you never really thought about before.  The section of his most recent stand up (Out Of England 2) thats named “The Book Of Noah” had me cracking up the entire time.  I wasn’t able to find the entire 17 minute piece, but the video below is a good chunk of Ricki Gervais’ best.  Check the method below.