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How To Tell If You’re A Basic B**ch.


The Lil Duval term “Basic B**ch” is in reference to a woman who advertises herself as impressive, or unique, yet in reality, she is unaware that she is… basic.  The term was only used in urban circles until College Humor cast Family Guy star Patrick Warburton in one of their best skit’s yet.  Check the method below to see if you may have these symptoms.

Key & Peele: Sex With Black Guys.

Obsessed2Since Comedy Central’s ‘Key & Peele’ debuted, It’s been the next best thing since ‘The Chappelle Show’.  They’ve had quite a few skit’s that have pushed the envelope and created moments that people at either school or work come back the next morning with an itch to talk about.  One of their latest comedy triumphs is a sketch about white women discussing an interest in relations with black men, and the reactions of the men over-hearing them.  Much like anything that strikes comedy gold, there’s much truth in their observations.  Believe me, I’ve heard things like this said out loud in the past.  Check the sketch below.

Your Facebook Is False.

The character of Dwight Schrute has not only become a much-loved staple of television, but also a series of popular memes entitled “Schrute Facts” based on his series of “False!” retorts to just about anything. Which is why it’s so great to see actor Rainn Wilson bring the character and meme to life in the real world by reading some random tweets in the video above and giving his trademark analysis and thoughts about their validity.  Check it out.

The 6 Girls You’ll Date In College.

Most guys have dated their fair share of girls in their college days.  I too have had a few different types that were serious for a bit, but when I saw the College Humor skit “The 6 Girls You’ll Date In College”, my jaw dropped.  I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered 5 out of 6 types of the girls listed.  (The “Girl Who Loves To Party” doesn’t really apply to me, simply because going to clubs is my job.)  But other than that, almost all the rest were dead on.  Guys, check the method below, and see if College Humor didn’t hit the nail on the head.

I Dropped The Screw In The TUNA.

Kenan and Kel

I took a trip very recently to spend the holidays in New Jersey, and one of the first places I wound up was at my boys house, playing king’s cup.  One of the nights we were playing, a homeboy made a ridiculous reference to the old school show “Kenan and Kel”.  In mid game someone asked a question, and his response was “I… DROPPED THE SCREW…. IN THE TUNA!” and half the room had no idea what he was talking about.  Once we looked it up, the entire room was in stitches laughing, and it made me wonder how many other people remember watching the clip below.

My BlackBerry Is Not Working!

They say all good comedy has a modicum of truth to it, and there’s no denying that the jargon that’s built up around technology is littered with opportunity for mockery, fun-poking, and general satire.  My sister and I are both huge fans of British comedy and this video sparked my interest quickly.  Leave it to two old pros from the UK, then, Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett, to summarily dispatch Apple, BlackBerry, Orange, Microsoft and everyone in between in one of the better tech-related sketches we’ve seen. See them do their thing after the break, but be warned: the video contains more than your recommended daily allowance of fruit puns.

AYO, My Man!

My boys and I have tons of inside jokes, and little sayings that make us all laugh. But one of the most hillarious things in recent memory is an old skit produced by Cam’ron named “Cousin Bang”. Its the story of two roomates flooded by tension when Cam let’s his “cousin” (or his ‘mama’s nephew’) stay in his home. His gun-toting kin then proceeds to take over, and control everything from the bathroom to the juice in the fridge with the use of a gun. The entire skit is just ridiculously funny and always has my crew laughing, so I figured I’d share. Check the method below.