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The Mid-Lake Skate Ramp.


Professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist has taken his skateboard on water to skate on the Floating Skate Ramp in Lake Tahoe, California. This is a unique piece of engineering made by skilful Jerry Blohm and Jeff King especially for Bob Burnquist. The 7,300 lbs skate ramp was built at 45-degree in 300 man hours featuring 1250 screws. The ramp is 36 feet long and 8 feet tall accompanied by 5 feet tall secondary ramp. Each wood panel was tainted with different color and polished to create horizontal stripes. No need to worry about the landing if you mess up a trick and go over the ramp. This floating ramp was actually built for Dream Big California Tourism Campaign.  Check it out.


Skating MIA.

SkatingSkateboarding is easily one of the most dangerous common activities to participate in on this little big planet we call Earth. But it’s also one of the coolest, most exhilarating sports to take part in.  The only thing cooler than skateboarding is skateboarding in the city of Miami with hot girls, yachts, bright skies and crisp waters surrounding you.  In a recent video shot for the skate team Asphalt Yacht Club, the crew takes on Miami, FL, and shows you exactly how much fun you can have with a couple of skateboards, girls and boats.  We personally think they should’ve used Will Smith‘s hit song “Miami”in the video, but the music they chose will do for now. Watch the team land some pretty impossible skate tricks that make the sport look entirely too easy. Check the method below.

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem.

Awesome skateboarding videos are all over the place, but can still be relatively hard to pin point.  The Zenga Bros video from Halloween 2011 is one I’m glad I caught wind of though.  From the crazy costumes, to fireworks randomly blasting off, to just the location the skaters chose to shoot, this Skate flick is a serious eye catcher.

The Mandalay Express.

Skateboarding (like Hip Hop) is something that started out in one area, and spread all over the globe with relative speed.  In the short documentary film The Mandalay Express, a handful of talented skaters take their skills all over Vietnam, Cambodia, and an array of different foreign countries.  Check the method below, and wait for 1:19 thought the video to see one of the skaters almost take out a Vietnamese woman by accident.

Steve Forstner x Gravis Footwear.

Steve Forstner the German skater came together recently with Gravis Footwear to produce a super sick skate video on behalf of the shoe company.  Check the method below.

Rodney Mullen: Like A Boss.

Skateboarding has been around for quite some time.  Thats no mystery.  But just how good some pro skaters were back in the day is something I never thought of until I peeped this video from Rodney Mullen circa 1984.  Forget his ridiculously high shorts, look past his giraffe-neck-length socks, and peer not into pseudo bowl cut… Regardless of the old school nature of the video, Mullen still does his thing… Like a BOSS.